A Brazilian influencer has taken simping for the richest man on earth to a new level by getting Elon Musk’s name and a phallic-looking rocket tattooed across his forehead.

In a desperate attempt to curry favour with the Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter billionaire, Rodrigo America, from Belo Horizonte, said he had got the inking because the tycoon is his idol.

Unveiling his cursed inking to local media, Rodrigo claimed that the art was his way of volunteering for a trip to Mars as part of Musk’s intergalatic project.

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Rodrigo bragged: “Elon Musk, for me, has no explanation. What he’s doing, what he’s going to do, taking human beings to Mars, his name will go down in history. He is an inspiration to me.”

He claims Elon Musk is an inspiration

The tattoo includes Musk’s name in huge letters going right across Rodrigo’s forehead.

But funnier still is the rocket which due to a shortage of space in his much-inked face looks more like a capsule than a full-on blast-off.

Rodrigo – who has more than 490,000 followers on Instagram – has been obsessed with life beyond Earth for more than half a decade.

He told local media: “In 2016, I was a prison officer. I was sitting for two hours when a small thing with a big head passed in front of me, and I heard a voice saying, ‘Seek knowledge.’

“After that day, I asked to leave, I didn’t want to work in the system anymore.”

So far Elon Musk has not invited Rodrigo to Mars

Rodrigo now has more than 10 tattoos of aliens all over his body.

He said: “I don’t know if it’s an obsession, but I know it’s a very strong thing about life on other planets. I really believe it.

“I have a 20 year old daughter, she knows all of this. She knows that if I go to Mars one day, it will be for the good of humanity.”

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