Promising “2023 will be a year of building,” Warner Bros Discovery boss David Zaslav made a point today on the company’s latest earnings call to sing the praises of CNN’s “more inclusive range of voices and viewpoints.”

Pledging to “continue advancing on this balance strategy,” the CEO of the cable newser’s parent company singled out having more members of the Republican Party on the air. Pointing to the nearly weeklong chaos last month of the bickering GOP over 15 ballots to elect a Speaker in the House of Representatives, Zaslav noted “when over 70 Republicans came on our air during the congressional speaker election process.”

In wide-ranging remarks on WBD Q2 results released Thursday, Zaslav said he wanted CNN “to be the place for fact based reporting and thoughtful discourse that is broader than politics of sport.” Often attacked by the GOP and treated as a piñata by viewership leader Fox News, CNN chief “Chris Licht and the team are focused on building an asset for the long term across cable and digital that is worthy of that great global brand,” Zas told analysts and others on the ongoing call this afternoon.

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“We must get it right” he added in conclusion.  “Nowhere is this more important in my view.”

Former The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showrunner and executive producer and long time Zaslav pal Licht took over as CNN CEO in May 2022, soon after the Warner Bros and Discovery merger became official. Since then, as well as more Republicans on-camera, CNN has seen a roller coaster of schedule shifts, Don Lemon missteps, high profile show cancellations, talent and behind the scenes exits, layoffs, financial cuts and struggling viewership.

Perhaps leaning into to those Republicans showing up on CNN, Zaslav today said the network was on “the right path.”

Peter White contributed to this report