Fox News host Neil Cavuto predicted things could get “very nasty” this week if former President Donald Trump is in fact indicted and arrested by the Manhattan district attorney.

Trump took to Truth Social early on Saturday to release an all-caps message to his followers, blasting the various investigations he’s facing. He also predicted a potential arrested on Tuesday and called for his followers to “protest” and “take our nation back.”

Reports this week indicate Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg could be readying an indictment for Trump over alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, a woman the former president has been accused of having an affair with. Trump had denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

While discussing Trump’s statement, Cavuto wondered aloud what it would look like to have a former president fingerprinted and photographed by police. He also wondered if Trump’s fiery social media message could be an indicator of how tense things could actually get in Manhattan.

“I’m just wondering where this goes and what Tuesday looks like then, John. I can imagine it’s going to be a zoo out there,” Cavuto said. “You’re going to have a lot of people who are both supporters of his and those who are hoping that he does go to the clink, but it could get very, very nasty. I’m just wondering how do you think all this goes down.”

Cavuto’s guest, UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo, said he felt sorry for Cavuto as he’d be in New York no matter what happened.

“I feel bad for you, Neil, because I assume you’re going to be in New York City on Tuesday. Luckily, I’m going to be all the way out here in California. I think it is going to be a zoo. First of all, New York City, it’s not like Washington D.C. where you have these broad plazas for public displays,” he said.

“It could be very dangerous. The police and the Secret Service are going to have a really hard job maintaining crowd control and making sure nothing like January 6 happens,” Yoo said.

Yoo was skeptical over whether a years-old case like this could actually prove to be successful but argued it is in the former president’s best interest for people to remain peaceful if he does end up in Manhattan or he’ll just end up with another January 6 probe.

“His safety counts for a great deal as well,” Cavuto said.

Watch above via Fox News.

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