Two women have been killed in a shooting in the West Bank, Israeli authorities said.

The attack was carried out on a vehicle near the Hamra settlement, according to Israel’s military.

A third woman was seriously wounded in the shooting, an ambulance service said.

The shooting happened after Israeli airstrikes hit Lebanon and Gaza early on Friday, in response to rocket attacks Israel blamed on militant group Hamas.

Tensions have flared in the region following police raids on the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem this week.

Blasts rocked different areas of Gaza, as Israel said its planes hit targets including tunnels and weapons manufacturing sites of Hamas, which controls the blockaded southern coastal strip.

The Israeli military said it had also struck Hamas targets in southern Lebanon, where residents around the area of the Rashidieh refugee camp reported three loud blasts.

The strikes came in response to rocket attacks from Lebanon towards northern Israeli areas, which Israeli officials blamed on Hamas.

Next few days critical for Jerusalem’s security

The salvos of missiles fired out of southern Lebanon on Thursday afternoon was the most serious escalation along that border since 2006.

Israel is convinced Palestinian factions, led by Hamas, were responsible for it, and said that they are now facing a multi-dimensional challenge from Al Aqsa, Gaza and Lebanon, with one group, Hamas, being the common link.

The Israeli response overnight was calibrated to avoid an escalation with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

As far as the Israeli military is concerned, the matter is over, but such are the tensions at the moment, that it wouldn’t take much to light the spark again.

This weekend sees the crossover of Ramadan, Passover and Easter – it will be a crucial few days for the security of Jerusalem.

The Israeli military said 34 rockets were launched from Lebanon, of which 25 were intercepted by air defence systems.

It was the biggest such attack since 2006, when Israel fought a war with the Hezbollah movement.

“Israel’s response, tonight and later, will exact a significant price from our enemies,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following a security cabinet meeting.

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly today condemned “indiscriminate rocket attacks” launched at Israel overnight and called for calm.

Mr Cleverly also called on Israel to ensure that when it conducts military operations, they are “proportionate and in accordance with international law”.

“The UK condemns the indiscriminate rocket attacks from southern Lebanon and Gaza and recognises Israel’s right to self-defence,” he said.

“Now is the time for all parties across the region to de-escalate tensions.

“At the convergence of Passover, Ramadan and Easter, the UK calls for all parties to respect the historic Status Quo arrangements at Jerusalem’s holy sites and cease all provocative action.”

As the Israeli jets struck in Gaza, rockets were fired in response and sirens sounded in Israeli towns and cities in bordering areas, however there were no reports of serious casualties.

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Clashes at al Aqsa mosque

The strikes came amid an escalating confrontation over Israeli police raids at the al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which this year coincides with the Jewish Passover holiday.

In a statement, Hamas said: “We hold the Zionist occupation fully responsible for the grave escalation and the flagrant aggression against the Gaza Strip and for the consequences that will bring onto the region.”

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The Israel Defence Force said: “The IDF struck targets including terrorist infrastructures belonging to Hamas in southern Lebanon.

“The IDF will not allow the Hamas terrorist organisation to operate from within Lebanon and hold the state of Lebanon responsible for every directed fire emanating from its territory.”