A nasty feud broke out Friday between extreme right-wingers Laura Loomer and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) sparked by a new report that said Donald Trump wants Loomer to join his waning 2024 presidential campaign.

Greene took to Twitter to finger Loomer—who, at 29, has already had two failed congressional bids and is banned from Uber and Lyft for anti-Muslim remarks—as a “documented liar” who’s “mentally unstable.”

Loomer shot back with over a dozen tweets of her own. In one, she evoked religion, telling Greene it wasn’t “very Christian” to lie about Loomer, “especially on Good Friday.” In another, she called Greene a “disloyal liar.”

The bitter back-and-forth was sparked by a New York Times report on Friday that said Trump had recently met with Loomer and wanted to hire her to a job in his campaign.

That report drew the ire of Greene, however, who said she’d let Trump knows how she felt and have the proposal shut down. (By the day’s end, sources told the Times that Trump no longer planned to hire Loomer.)

“She can not be trusted,” Greene wrote. “Never hire or do business with a liar. Liars are toxic and poisonous to everything they touch. I’ll make sure [Trump] knows.”

Greene didn’t specify why she was calling Loomer a liar, but she previously clashed with Loomer last fall when Loomer claimed Greene’s former intern, Milo Yiannopoulos, was trying to sabotage Trump’s 2024 campaign while working from the congresswoman’s Georgia office.

In a Nov. 28 Telegram post, Greene wrote that Loomer was “desperately trying to stay relevant,” and that the claims about Yiannopoulos—who’d stopped working for Greene that summer—were all lies.

“I sincerely wish Laura the best and hope she becomes stable,” Green wrote. “Laura’s had a tough time after two Congressional losses. She’s lost twice and I’ve won twice, so I wouldn’t know how it feels.”

Loomer told the Times Friday she wouldn’t comment on any potential job with the Trump campaign, but said she’s “always been a Trump loyalist” and that the former president knows that.

Speaking on her beef with Greene, Loomer told The Daily Beast, “It’s a shame that Marjorie is attacking me when I’ve done nothing but support President Trump. I’ve done nothing but be loyal to President Trump.”

Loomer was particularly offended to be hit at by a fellow Trump fanatic, telling The Daily Beast that Greene was once an ardent supporter of her’s. She claimed she’d saved scores of old messages in which Greene said she wanted Loomer to join her in Congress.

Along with her Twitter rants, Loomer posted a years-old video of Greene once praising Loomer for standing up to Twitter in 2018. (That was back when Twitter banned Loomer for bizarrely claiming Rep. Ilhan Omar supported female genital mutilation.)

Loomer also questioned Greene’s loyalty to Trump, claiming Greene hasn’t done enough to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Trump’s likely Republican contender in 2024.

“Everything that she says about me is completely false,” Loomer told The Daily Beast. “I would just ask her about her previous statements where she said, ‘Laura is a fighter’…She seems to be the documented liar, it’s the classic case of projection.”

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