MCDONALD’S has been known throughout the years for its convenience and low price value meals.

However, the chain’s advertised prices for combo meals that a TikToker found at one U.S. location are causing a stir online.

TikToker @xconmedia shared the pricey meal that he found at a Connecticut McDonald’s location.

“Well, well, well,” he says at the beginning of his video.

The TikToker then zooms in to give viewers a better look at the prices on the menu inside the restaurant.

“Does anybody see the prices of these combo meals?” he asks.

“The prices of a Big Mac combo meal? $16.89?”

Some of the other menu prices seen in the video exceeded $18.

A Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon combo meal was listed at $18.29 while the burger cost $9.39 without a medium drink and fries.

“Y’all remember the stimulus checks that they gave out?” @xconmedia continued.

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“They want it back.”

The video about high prices comes after McDonald’s shut down its offices temporarily as the company reportedly prepares for mass staff layoffs.

The fast food chain announced a company restructuring earlier this year.

McDonald’s, based in Chicago, emailed employees last week, saying that they should work from home April 3-5.

Corporate employees were instructed to cancel meetings at the company’s headquarters.

Staff members will be notified of layoffs virtually, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,” the company said in a message obtained by the outlet.

“We want to ensure the comfort and confidentiality of our people during the notification period,” McDonald’s continued.

As of February, McDonald’s employed over 150,000 people in corporate roles worldwide.

The company announced impending corporate staffing changes in January.