ELECTRIC car drivers are being warned about the increasing risk of charger thefts – with replacements costing hundreds of pounds.

Thieves are starting to steal electric car chargers – which motorists plug in at home to save going to public pay-as-you-go points.

Many drivers hook up their cables from their car to a socket in a garage or on an outside wall while they relax indoors, often leaving it connected overnight.

The cables are sometimes stolen from the vehicle’s boot but can be removed at a charging point if the car is unattended.

And the scrap value for materials in a cable may be worth around £50, plus second-hand chargers are being sold for around £200.

However, motorists could see themselves paying £700 for a brand-new replacement charger.

The warning was made at a meeting of Hungerford Town Council’s highways and transport committee on Monday, March 27.

Coun Alistair Fyfe said he had heard of a spate of thefts from residents at the town’s new Lancaster Park development.

“Some have been stolen from garages and some from unoccupied premises.

“Four or five were stolen from one particularly dark area, and one or two residents weren’t happy about it being so dark.

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“Perhaps the developer Bewley Homes can look at lighting – they all pay a service charge to a management company to look after the grounds.”

“Hungerford mayor Helen Simpson told the Newbury Weekly News she had been made aware of the issue and had raised it with the local neighbourhood police team.

“We need to make people aware that it’s happening.”

Motor experts recommend installing CCTV where possible to deter thieves from stealing electric vehicle chargers from homes.

This comes after parking experts have warned drivers about leaving their electric cars in multi-storey buildings.

Plus, thieves are targeting a certain type of popular car, drivers have been warned.