One person was killed and multiple others trapped Tuesday after a parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan, officials said.

Shocking footage from the scene at 35-37 Ann Street shows multiple cars on top of the concave roof as a woman is heard screaming, “Get out!”

“At this time the building is completely unstable,” Mayor Eric Adams said during a press conference at the scene.

One victim was carried away in a stretcher as dozens of SUVs slid into the gaping hole in the roof which precipitated the collapse.

Five others were hurt — four were taken to the hospital and one refused medical attention.

All of the injured had been working inside the building when it collapsed. Slabs of concrete plummeted through a lounge area for garage employees, a source said.

“There was a worker who was trapped on the upper floor. He was conscious and alert and moving around calling us,” John Esposito, the FDNY chief of operations, said.

“He just couldn’t get down. We were able to put firefighters up there in the building to take him down across the roof of another building.”

Officials believe all workers are accounted for, but are continuing to investigate.

“We’re continuing to do searches. There are some cars in there that are crushed. We’re trying to see if we can get up close to make sure there’s nobody in those cars,” Esposito added.

The building had active violations dating back to 2003, NYC Department of Building Acting Commissioner Kaz Vilenchik said. There were also active permits on the building, one of which was related to electrical work, but the building was not under construction.

DOB records show there are four open violations against the building owners, all of which are related to construction.

One violation, issued in November 2003, was labeled as “hazardous.”

Inspectors found concrete “slab cracks” in the first-floor ceiling, missing concrete covering steel beams and defective concrete with “exposed rear cracks,” according to the document.

Another open violation, issued in 2009, showed that a “loose piece of concrete in danger of falling” was found in multiple areas throughout the building, and that the owners failed to fix “rotten” defective fire stairs.

The collapse affected the entire four-story building, with some cars plummeting to the cellar.

The building continued crumbling as the FDNY initiated its search, forcing firefighters to evacuate the building.

The FDNY sent in drones to survey the garage as well as their Boston Dynamics robotic dog.

“Thank God we had the robotic dog that was able to go in the building. This is ideally what we talk about not sending a human being inside a building as unstable,” Adams said.

The New York City Sheriff’s Office uses the deck to park their cars while working at the Manhattan office.

“We accounted for all our personnel,” Sheriff Anthony Miranda told The Post, adding his office had four cars parked there.

A 22-year-old who works next door, but declined to give their name, said the collapse “came out of nowhere.”

Student Jadess Speller, 19, said he heard what sounded like an “explosion” while he was on class on the 14th floor of a nearby building.

“There was just a huge boom, and I was like, ‘What the hell was that?’ We saw smoke rising, heard a man screaming, a woman screaming. There was debris and we saw cars pilled on top of each other.”

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