A former NYPD cop-turned-exorcist and his wife have been filmed trying to clear a New York home of an ‘evil spirit’ its occupants claimed was tormenting a child. 

Chris DeFlorio and wife Harmony raced to the property in Brooklyn on being told that a seven year-old called Javier had endured multiple terrifying encounters at the hands of the entity.

A promo for a film about the incident, called ‘It’s Coming,’ sees Javier shiver: ‘The person has long legs … he is black.

‘I think what what he wants to do to me is kill me … because it never leaves… I think I am going to die.’

Married demonologists Chris and Harmony were dispatched to the Williamsburg address at the behest of filmmaker Shannon Alexander, whose movie about their exorcism efforts will premiere at the Hot Doc’s Toronto Film Festival on April 29.  

Javier, 7, is seen in the clip speaking with Demonologist Chris DeFlorio, who tells the boy that paranormal activity that is playing with him is ‘not your friend’

Chris DeFlorio and his wife Harmony are pictured trying to rid the family’s Williamsburg home of evil spirits that have taken taken over their home and the young boy who lives there

 ‘When Harmony and I heard a child was involved we pretty much ran right over,’ Chris told DailyMail.com.  

Filmmaker Shannon Alexander reached out to DeFlorio in August 2022 while he was filming a documentary on the family, which was originally set to be about sleep paralysis.  

During the filming they say they began to encounter strange paranormal activity taking place- voices being heard, and a large black shadow figures walking around the house. 

‘When Shannon called, it was obvious to me that he was shaken up a little by the footage he filmed.’

DeFlorio said Alexander told him after reviewing the footage he saw orbs and heard strange noises that he didn’t pick up on when he was filming. 

Meanwhile, Javier’s family were frightened over the disturbed boys claims that the spook was targeting the youngster, and sought help that resulted in a visit from Chris.

When he rocked up at the property, Chris said he instantly felt as if something was off. 

‘It is something you can’t explain in words but a feeling you never forget after the first time you’re exposed to it,’ he said. 

Chris said the spirit played a warped game with Javier, where it initially tried to befriend the boy and play games – only to then threaten to kill the child, it’s claimed. 

Special equipment was deployed, which Chris claims confirmed his suspicions. 

‘There was no delay in picking up outlines and mapping of a spirit on my device,’ he said. ‘Alarms were going off on devices programmed to pick up energy in that local area.’

Chris began his usual practice of reading Catholic prayers in the hopes of driving the negative spirits away – but soon hit a snag.  

‘As I began to read the prayers, Harmony felt ill. She began to feel dizzy and nauseous…symptoms she always feels in the presence of evil,’ he said.

He claimed that he began to suffer Physic attacks – internal attacks Chris claims are triggered by ghosts, which he says are geared to attack the mind and cause confusion and distraction.

‘The very words I were reading became difficult to pronounce even though they were right there on the page,’ he said.

At one point, he said he had to take pause which alarmed his wife that her husband may be in trouble. But, the Catholic prayers continued and the minor exorcism of the home included. As he read scripture, he said, activities were happening in the home.  

‘Demonic entity can tip its hand because one thing it hates is anything sacred and anything from God,’ he said. ‘This is where it lacks control and will expose itself,” he said.

The footage shows the mother sharing her fears of this dark entity: ‘I woke up to a man in all black standing at the foot of my bed,’ she said. Javier’s sister sister is heard saying, ‘There was a weird small and to the right side of me I saw a black shadow near the wall’

‘As I began to read the prayers, Harmony felt ill. She began to feel dizzy and nauseas…symptoms she always feels in the presence of evil,’ he said

DeFlorio said that the boy’s mother, who claims that she started seeing spirits in her childhood, began to cry out that ‘many were coming,’ and was not happy that the ghost busting duo were there. 

The mother claims she saw an evil spirit walking towards Harmony in one part of the room and DeFlorio said he made a ‘split-second decision’ to call it out and dare it to come towards him instead of his wife. 

‘This was the moment I realized that the family was not just in danger, but my wife and I were now targets as well,’ he said.

The filmmaker told DailyMail.com that he ‘did not plan for this story to unfold the way it did.’

‘The story was initially about sleep paralysis but evolved into the family being afflicted by the demonic, he said.

‘It was an accumulation of weird things that I finally decided were not coincidental. Lights cutting out and weird shadowy figures moving across the screen,’ he said.

‘I witnessed camera and audio equipment would be moving towards Ashley almost attacking her. 

‘In playback and editing of the footage there were sounds of hissing and voices recorded that were demonic sounding.’

Ashley, a mother of five, is seen in the hallway of her apartment, where she claims a demonic spirit has been afflicting her family

Ashley is seen outside her home that is located in the housing project in the Bushwick-Wiliamsburg border

He claimed the first time he encountered the eerie paranormal activity was when he was interviewing Ashley’s 13-year-old daughter, Selena while she was standing in the hallway of the family’s home.

The teen claimed to have seen these shadowy figures before, and the same activity happened when he was speaking to the Javier, though not as pronounced, he said.

The home which is an apartment located in a housing project on the Bushwick-Williamsburg border has been in Ashley’s husbands family for generations.

He said that each time the family left the home, the spirits would follow Ashley. Once it began to afflict the children, Alexander said he sought out an exorcist or demonologist and found Chris.

The trailer continues with the boy’s mother saying, ‘I woke up to a man in all black standing at the foot of my bed,’ she said.

While Javier’s terrified sister sister says, ‘There was a weird smell and to the right side of me I saw a black shadow near the wall.’ 

And, before the film ends, DeFlorio is seen sitting the young boy down and telling him that this entity ‘is not your friend.’ 

Chris has urged anyone who wants to find out how the execution turned out to watch the full movie.