I have a great guest on todays show from Defenders USA to go over the importance of firearms training and self-defense. While we will be speaking specifically to people in the preparedness community, this will be good advice for any gun owner.

As preppers, we not only need to prepare for something significant that could happen, but we also need to be ready when the unexpected happens closer to home. It’s a dangerous world we live in these days, and taking an honest look at our abilities, and working on that, is more important than ever.

From the Defenders USA website…

Defenders USA was started as an answer to the need Adam saw for high-caliber defensive, advanced, and tactical training for the everyday person that is contextual and reality-based for not only the military and law enforcement communities but also for the daily carry needs of the everyday person who just wants to protect themselves and those they love.

Adam received excellent training as a soldier and Police Officer but found that so many – far too many – and most who have a Concealed Handgun Permit – have never been properly guided into understanding the laws pertaining to using a weapon in defense. Worse, he found most gun owners and carriers have little or no formal training in the needed details of actually carrying a concealed handgun or in the defensive use of firearms. Adam also found most people rarely understanding the enormity of the legal, civil, and, financial, emotional, and social ramifications of what takes place when a firearm is used during an act of defense of life.

These realizations started a journey that has grown far more than expected as so many people began finding the value in Adam’s life experiences, his training, and how it all affected their lives for the better when all put together in high-quality training.

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