Mike Pence offered some insights into what he plans to tell Special Counsel Jack Smith about former President Donald Trump’s conduct before the January 6th Capitol riot.

The former vice president gave an interview to CBS’ Robert Costa that aired on Sunday for Face The Nation. The conversation dealt in part with January 6th, so Costa turned to the fact that Pence will have to testify before a federal grand jury about his conversations with Trump in the build-up to the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Pence decided earlier this month not to appeal the court order compelling his testimony, though Costa noted that his testimony will still have constraints upon it. It was to that point that Pence said “I’m grateful that the court recognized that there are specific constitutional protections unique to the vice president, when you’re serving in your role as president of the Senate. I thought it was important to make that challenge. For the first time in history, a federal court acknowledged that that provision of the Constitution applies to the vice president.”

In the past, the former vice president has displayed notable reluctance to testify against Trump, even with all of the president’s setbacks for his claims to executive privilege. Even so, Pence told Costa “We’ll obey the law, we’ll tell the truth and the story that I’ve been telling the American people all across the country, the story that I wrote in the pages of my memoir — that’ll be what I tell in that setting as well.”

When asked for specifics about his conversations with Trump, Pence said “I think I’m limited about what I can say about the proceedings of the grand jury or the decision of the judge. But people can be confident that we’ll obey the law, we’ll comply with the law.”

Watch above via CBS.

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