A Columbia University event was disrupted Tuesday afternoon when an activist, Jose Vega, attempted to confront the executive editor of The New York Times, Joseph Kahn.

The event, FaultLines: Democracy, was a conference aimed at building a democratic press and was set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday in New York City, hosted by the Columbia Journalism School.

The video, shared by Vega on his Twitter page, shows security guards pushing Vega out of the room as he continued to shout questions to Kahn who was participating on a panel with Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart.

“For being critical of this war — Goddammit,” Vega shouted before being pushed to the floor by the guards.

“Oh my God,” uttered one person in the crowd.

“Seriously?” muttered another witness.

“And please say something about people in jail for being critical of this war,” Vega shouted in the short clip.

According to The Young Turks Jonathan Larsen, who happened to be at the event, Vega was questioning Kahn and The New York Times‘s coverage of the War in Ukraine and the Nord Stream pipelines.

Vega has vowed to release the full video of the event to his Twitter account. Another video pinned to his social media page shows Vega also confronting New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries about the Nord Stream pipeline back in February.


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