Ukraine planned a massive strike on the Russian capital earlier this year, and it was only called off after a warning from the US government.

A leaked Pentagon report reveals that Ukraine’s head of military intelligence (HUR) ordered agents to prepare for “mass strikes” using “everything the HUR had” to mark the first anniversary of the outbreak of war on February 24.

But once news of the planned attacks reached Washington, the CIA warned President Zelenskyy that a strike on Russia’s capital could trigger a direct conflict between America and Russia.

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On February 22, just two days before the attacks were due to take place, US officials were told that the HUR “had agreed, at Washington’s request, to postpone strikes” on the Russian capital.

By then, news of the planned attacks had already reached the Kremlin. In the weeks leading up to the anniversary, air defences were installed on numerous key buildings in and around Moscow.

The US appears to have learned about the plan by tapping the phones of Ukrainian officials

The Pentagon has supplied arms to Ukraine under strict condition that US military hardware is not used to strike at targets within Russia. Concerns have been raised within the Biden administration that the use of US weapons on Russian soil could trigger a global conflict.

The leaked Pentagon reports about the war in Ukraine were dismissed by a source in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian government adviser told the Daily Telegraph regarding the leaked memos: “They fulfil only one catastrophic function: they shape public opinion in Western capitals as if Ukraine was an unreasonable, infantile, and impulsive country that is dangerous for adults to trust with serious weapons”.

“Ukraine sees things differently,” he explained. “We approach the war with ironclad mathematical logic.

“We need long-range missiles to destroy Russian logistics in the occupied territories and various types of aircraft to protect the sky and destroy Russian fortifications.”

“These are the main components of successful counteroffensive operations and minimisation of losses,” the Ukrainian government insider added.

“Maybe it’s time to stop playing with excuses and back-alley realpolitik while the war is still ongoing and people are dying?”

Ukraine has long refused to publish official casualty figures, but US figures suggest the true cost of Ukraine war, could be as many as 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded against around 200,000 on the Russian side.