An exorcist said a nun “ran up the wall like a squirrel” after demons took over her body.

Reverend Daniel Reehil performs exorcisms on people who he says have been possessed by the devil, and recently revealed some of the scariest things he’s seen.

“I remember there was a little nun, about 100lbs, 5ft. When she was going through a deliverance, it took six large men, my size, to hold her down,” he told Michael Knowles.

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“I’ve seen that same nun run up a 20ft wall like a squirrel, and 2,000 people at a conference saw it too.”

“We had people flying from all over the world staying with us. Some for a week, [but] that one little nun who crawled the wall, she was there for over a year. It took a year.

“She was satanically ritually abused as a baby and she didn’t know it. And so that had to all come out.”

The reverend also said he had met the devil twice in his life as he was trying to ditch his life of sin and quit drinking.

Reverend Reehil recalled: “I come out of the church and there’s this beautiful, handsome man [in a] custom tailored suit, and he’s staring at me.

“I turned to walk towards my office and he runs up next to me and he grabs me by the arm.

“He goes, ‘Let’s get a drink’. And I just had chills go up and down my body and I said, ‘Get away from me.'”

Reverend Reehil ran away from the strange man and escaped to his New York apartment, and didn’t think much of the incident until a few years later, after he had become a priest.

“I was on vacation visiting an old banker friend in Miami,” he recalled.

“The two girls who were with me, they start looking at this guy.

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“I turned and I look and it’s him, it’s the one who wanted to get the drink.

“He walks up, and he goes, ‘What are you doing here, I thought you were gonna be a priest?’ And he goes, ‘This is my territory. You shouldn’t be here.'”

Reverend Reehil became a priest more than 20 years after walking away from the church.

Before his drastic career change, he worked for the likes of American Express and Citicorp, making a fortune in the finance industry and regularly boozing with high-end clients in New York.

But in 1998 his life was turned around after he made a pilgrimage to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina and rediscovered God, confessing all of the sins he had committed in his two decades of atheism.

It was then that he decided to dedicate his life to God and helping people. He became a hermit in Omaha, Nebraska, where he started performing exorcisms.