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In the wide world of survival knives, we are seeing all the pressure and competition create diamonds. As survival enthusiasts we get to sit back and reap the benefits. The

This knife was designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications of Robert Yates who drew it up. You get a 4 inch drop point fixed blade which is a great length. For my hand size it fits perfect and I can still use it for other duties that might require a little more finesse. The blade is made from D2 tool steel which is a high carbon – high chromium steel made to take a beating.

This knife is made in China and finished here in the US. The beautiful G10 grips are made here in the US as well as the Kydex Sheath that holds the knife on your belt. Arthos is using some pretty interesting manufacturing techniques in order to keep most of its processing right here in the US.

The Arthos was designed with handling in mind. Robert Yates wanted a knife that would “feel as good as it looked,” and with these comfortable G10 grips I think he has pulled that off.

The three things that stand out about this knife, and its components are simple:

1. Thickness, width and strength of the full tang, hand sharpened blade
2. The G10 grip which was designed for the purpose of handling and cutting
3. The Kydex sheath and it’s ability to keep the knife and ferro rod right on your person

Let’s take a deeper look at these three key qualities below:

Blade Width

A good survival knife needs be to thick and durable as well as have a wide blade. The Arthos is nearly 2 inches wide at its widest part. The thickness is .136 inches and those two combined are more than enough to get the jobs of survival done.

Whether you are talking about splitting wood with a baton and just this knife or if you are talking about using it to start fire, strip bark or even carve, this blade offer incredible control and the ability to perform under pressure.

G10 Grip

In its inception this knife was designed to be a tool that handles well. The idea behind using the G10 was not the only part of this design that makes it such a joy to hold and work with.

G10 is a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate consisting of multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh cloth impregnated with an epoxy resin binder.

The handle travels well up to the hilt of the knife and even curves out at the base of the blade. This protects your index finger from rubbing directly on metal if you are using this knife over time. It also protects your middle finger if you choke up on the blade for more control.

Kydex Sheath

While the sheath is not part of the knife it is certainly part of the package. The reason I love the sheath is because it is very functional and easy to commit to. Not only that, it creates a better relationship between you and your knife.

Many people keep their knife in their pack. Its buried with a bunch of other stuff. When you get used to carrying your knife on your belt you will find that you call on it for many more things that make survival a lot easier. You will be more inclined to collect things like bark if you can get to your knife in a hurry.

This sheath makes the Arthos a bigger part of your outdoor adventures and promises that you will use it more often.

Bonus: AweSpark Firesteel

The sheath also features a holster for their AweSpark Firesteel. Which means you will have a knife and ferro rod in arms reach at all times. I don’t know about you, but this is something we all need more of.

The AweSpark is a 3/8 by 3-inch ferro rod with 2.2 inches of usable rod length. There is a great G10 handle on this tool as well that makes showering sparks pretty simple. The back of the Arthos has a great little toothed or beveled section that maximizes the sparks from this fire steel.

Arthos is a company that is putting out some quality products. I went to them merely for a look at their survival knife and came away with a new idea of how to carry that knife as well as a reliable ferro rod that adds redundancy to my pack and an increased level of convenience.

Earth Camo, Brushed Finish, 4? Arthos Fixed Blade Survival Knife

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