In today’s podcast, I have Kevin (The Broken Nomad) on to talk about grid-down energy options & solar power. As some of you know, Kevin is in the process of setting up his van to be able to travel around the country for indefinite periods of time. 

What Kevin is doing goes hand in hand with what preppers might expect if the power went out and we needed to find alternative forms of energy. While we may not travel across the country, the principal is the same in a van, a bug-out location, or your home. 

We will walk through a basic solar setup and other alternative energy options. Then he will show us what he has done over the last few years. 

We’ll be answering questions we get during the show, and you can also reach out to either of us in the future if you like.

The Broken Nomad YouTube Channel

Here are the links we covered in the show.

Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures with Kevin 

Build a DIY Portable Solar Generator

Digital Power Monitor Meter

Rich Solar Panels

Battle Born 100Ah 12V LiFePO4

GoWISE Power 1000W Inverter

Victron Energy SmartShunt

Wire Gauge Calculator

Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 

Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 30 amp 

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