Shock jock Steven Crowder released a statement on Friday addressing a bombshell report from independent journalist Yashar Ali alleging a pattern of abusive behavior from Crowder directed at his wife, who is currently in the process of divorcing him.

Crowder publicly commented on his “horrendous divorce” earlier in the week and lamented that Texas law was allowing his wife to unilaterally file for divorce.

Ali’s report, published Thursday, included a hard-to-watch video clip in which Crowder can be seen verbally berating his wife, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, as he refused to let her take the car to run errands. Ali’s reporting adds that Crowder ended the argument by saying, “I will f*ck you up” to his wife.

“I commented on my ongoing divorce on Tuesday, requesting privacy in the best interest of the family, but also by court order agreed upon by all parties,” Crowder said in his statement, adding:

Broken marriages are ugly. In them people do ugly things, myself of course included, and I would never claim otherwise.

However, due to recent misleadingly edited leaks to the tabloid press, without context and not subject to consequences of the court…well, if not privacy, the next best option is truth.

Crowder appeared to allege his wife or someone close to her leaked the video to Ali, which he is claiming is “edited” – despite its lengthy runtime.

“And so today, I have filed a motion to officially unseal all files as they relate to the matter of legal record. Finances, relevant medical records including mental health history or evaluations, depositions, and any motions or sanctions from the courts of Texas,” Crowder continued, apparently threatening to make his wife’s mental health records public.

“I will NOT be leaking private marital information to the press, but if the privacy agreements are not respected by all parties, I will address all that is a matter of irrefutable legal record, in full context, next week,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above.

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