TEXAS Governor Greg Abbott announced Sunday that a reward of $80,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a man accused of shooting five people, including an eight-year-old boy.

Francisco Oropesa, 38, is accused of murdering five people Friday night at a home in Cleveland, Texas, before taking off into the woods.

Governor Abbott broke his silence about the shooting Sunday to offer a $50,000 reward for information on the suspect. The FBI is also offering an additional reward worth $25,000,

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said Crime Stoppers from multiple counties have added $5,000 to the reward – bringing the total amount to $80,000 for information leading to Oropesa’s arrest.

The suspect reportedly used an AR-15-style assault rifle that police have since recovered, but authorities are unsure if he had been carrying another weapon.

FBI Houston Special Agent in Charge James Smith said: “We consider him armed and dangerous. He’s out there, and he’s a threat to the community.”

The victims were identified Saturday night during a press conference: Sonia Argentina Guzman, 25; Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21; Julisa Molina Rivera, 31; Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18; Daniel Enrique Laso, 8.

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  • FBI ‘will not stop until capture’

    FBI Houston took to Twitter to share an update that over 250 officers from multiple agencies are searching for the Cleveland shooter.

    “FBI Houston and other local, state, & federal agencies will not stop assisting SJSO until he is captured and justice is brought on behalf of the 5 victims.”

  • Suspect has tattoo on his left arm

    Francisco Oropesa reportedly has a prominent tattoo of a woman on his left forearm.

    Police report that the search for Oropesa remains a “fluid investigation.”

  • Police are tracking Oropesa’s phone

    The San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office managed to find the suspect’s cell phone, which they have been tracking, and clothing.

    Police said Francisco Oropesa abandoned the assault rifle, but could still be carrying a smaller gun.

    Oropesa also reportedly changed his clothes.

  • Police say suspect could be ‘anywhere’

    Late Friday night, Oropesa allegedly entered a neighbor’s house in Cleveland, Texas, about 50 miles north of Houston, and began shooting with his AR-15-style assault rifle.

    On Saturday, police thought they had Oropesa within about a two-miles radius, but later said he may have gotten away.

    “He could be anywhere now,” Sheriff Capers said.

  • Suspect’s name was initially misspelled

    Police tweeted on Sunday that going forward they would be spelling the suspect’s last name as “Oropesa.”

    It was misspelled as “Oropeza” during the early stages of the investigation.

  • Over 200 officers are searching for suspect

    San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said in a press conference Sunday that more than 200 officers from multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for suspect Francisco Oropesa.

    Capers said police are going door to door to ask community members for information.

    He added that police are also creating billboard posters in Spanish to alert all residents about the search.

  • Sheriff ‘doesn’t care’ about immigration status

    Police have described all five victims in Friday’s shooting as being from Honduras, but have not confirmed their immigration status.

    San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said that he “doesn’t care” about the immigration status of the victims.

    “My heart is with this 8-year-old little boy,” Capers said about the eight-year-old victim named Daniel Enrique Laso.

    “I don’t care if he was here legally. I don’t care if he was here illegally.

    Capers continued: “He was in my county. Five people died in my county.”

  • Suspect pictured

    Francisco Oropesa, a 38-year-old Mexican national, is wanted for killing his neighbors “almost execution style,” San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said.

    Oropesa faces five counts of murder for the shooting deaths.

    The suspect is described as being five feet, eight inches tall and is dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans, and work boots.

    Officials said the suspect has a specific tattoo on his left forearm.

    Police said on Sunday afternoon they will now be spelling the suspect’s name as “Oropesa” instead of “Oropeza” in order to “better reflect his identity in law enforcement systems.”

  • Survivor says suspect shot at him

    Homeowner Wilson Garcia expressed disbelief in the suspect’s alleged actions.

    “I never thought that he would shoot. Then he went room to room, looking for people,” Garcia said to the outlet through a translator.

    Garcia claimed that after Francisco Oropesa allegedly shot his wife, he then shot at Garcia several times but missed.

    “He couldn’t catch up to me. The bullets were hitting (everywhere).”

  • Survivor says his baby ‘was scared’

    Survivor Wilson Garcia owned the home where the violence unfolded, said through a translator that he asked the suspect to stop shooting.

    “We had company. We were going to make something to eat, the guy, came out and he was shooting. We asked him to be quiet ’cause my baby was scared.”

    He said he then told the suspect he was going to call the police, but Oropesa allegedly entered the house and began shooting before they could, according to ABC13.

  • GoFundMe for mother and son

    A GoFundMe campaign for two of the victims has been launched.

    Sonia Guzmán Taibot and her eight-year-old son Daniel Lazo Guzmán were two of the victims killed Friday night.

    A GoFundMe was created to send their bodies to their native country, Honduras.

    As of Sunday afternoon, over $2,600 has been raised.

  • The search continues with ‘zero leads’

    The search for Texas shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa continues as Governor Greg Abbott called for the state’s Department of Public Safety and Military Department to alert Operation Lone Star soldiers to be on the lookout for the suspect and any attempts to flee the country.

    “We do not know where he is, we do not have any tips as to where he may be,” said Special Agent in Charge of FBI Houston James Smith.

    “We have zero leads.”

    The fugitive is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

  • Governor Abbott breaks his silence

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has broken his silence about the shooting that killed five on Friday night and announced that he has contributed $50,000 to the $80,000 reward.

    “Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the five victims that were taken in this senseless act of violence,” Abbott said at a press conference Sunday.

    “I continue working with state and local officials to ensure they have all available resources to respond to this horrific crime.

    “I thank the men and women in law enforcement who are tirelessly working to ensure this criminal is caught and brought to justice.”

  • Texas governor announces reward

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has broken his silence about the shooting to offer a $50,000 reward for information on the Cleveland shooter who killed five people Friday night.

    The FBI is also offering an additional reward worth $25,000.

    San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said Crime Stoppers from multiple counties have added $5,000 to the reward.

    In total, $80,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of Francisco Oropesa.

    Anyone with any information is urged to call 1-800-FBI-TIPS.

  • ‘Stay away from the neighbors’

    Rene Arevalo Sr. went on to say that he has warned his wife to stay away from neighbors, USA Today reports.

    “I tell my wife all the time, ‘Stay away from the neighbors. Don’t argue with them. You never know how they’re going to react,’” he said.

    “I tell her that because Texas is a state where you don’t know who has a gun and who is going to react that way.”

  • Neighbor claims suspect previously made threat

    Rene Arevalo Sr., who is a nearby neighbor, said shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa previously threatened to kill his dog after it got loose, USA Today reports.

    He allegedly also chased the loose pitbull in his truck.

  • Sheriff advises community

    “Stay in your house. Be vigilant. Keep your eyes open, said Sheriff Greg Capers.

    “If you see anything, say something.”

    He continued: “This man is very dangerous and he is armed, potentially.”

  • Cleveland is a small town

    Cleveland, Texas, is home to 7,500 people.

    The town is 45 miles north of Houston.

    Residents were urged to lock their doors and to be alert as the suspect remains on the run.

  • Honduras Foreign Minister calls for justice

    Honduras Foreign Minister Enrique Reina called for justice in a tweet.

    He demanded the killer face “the full weight of the law.”

    He also said the Honduran consulate in Houston has made contact with the victims’ families, USA Today reported.

  • Victims believed to be from Honduras

    All five of the victims are believed to be from Honduras.

    According to Sheriff Greg Capers, some of them had moved to Cleveland just a few days ago.

    The suspect is from Mexico.

  • Victims died protecting children

    Two of the women who were killed Friday were reportedly protecting children.

    The children they were shielding survived the incident.

    According to officials, there were three children covered in blood who went to the hospital, but they were not physically injured in the shooting.

  • Father of Uvalde victim slams Governor

    Brett Cross, the father of Uvalde victim Uziyah, also criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott‘s social media post following the Cleveland shooting.

    He tweeted: “All smiles this weekend? No mention of the 5 that were murdered for asking a man to quit shooting so they could sleep?”

    “The same damn smiles after Uvalde.”

    “The same damn smiles after Santa Fe.”

    “The same damn smiles after El Paso X2.”

    “F*** you and your smile.”

  • Texas Governor slammed on social media

    On Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a photo of his dog with the caption “all smiles for the weekend.”

    At the time, the governor had yet to issue a statement on the tragedy.

    The comments of his tweet were flooded with people slamming him for not addressing the shooting Friday.

    One person tweeted: “You are the govenor[sic], right? Anything you want to say about the past 24 hours in Texas? Anything at all? Nothing?”

    Another person wrote: “Maybe, just hear me out. Maybe you don’t say it’s all smiles when 5 family members are shot dead & the suspect is at large in your state. Just maybe it isn’t the right time.”

  • Texans fear gunman

    Texans who live nearby are on edge as the Cleveland shooter remains on the run.

  • Police previously visited suspect’s home

    Sheriff Greg Capers said authorities had visited the suspect’s home at least once in the past and had talked with him about “shooting his gun in the yard.”

    The Associated Press said it was not “immediately clear” whether police took any action at the time.