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Precious Metals:

You may have noticed that silver is gaining, versus gold. As of Saturday morning, spot silver was at $25.34 per Troy ounce, while gold was at $2,003.30 per Troy ounce.  That is a 78.82-to-1 ratio.  I’m still looking at a ratio under 70-to-1 in the short term and 40-to-1 in the long term.  So if you have enough room for some  “ballast” in your vault and you can find a low-premium dealer, then buy silver, not gold.

Signed as Law: Mississippi Takes First Step Toward Treating Gold and Silver as Money.

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At Jim Willie: BRICS Are Driving Dollar & Precious Metals Markets.

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Chart: 200 Years of Global Gold Production, by Country.

Economy & Finance:

Moody’s: What if the Banking Crisis Is Not Over?

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JPMorgan, PNC To Buy First Republic After FDIC Seizure First Leaves Taxpayers Holding The Toxic Stuff.

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At Zero Hedge: So This Is What The Bottom Of The Freight Market Feels Like.

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CNN: The US economy grew at a much slower pace in the first quarter. JWR’s Adds: I fully expect to see a recession in Q2 or Q3 of this year. For some context, here is the trend —  not fully spelled out by the Pro-Bidenista CNN:

  • Growth rate in the third quarter of 2022:    3.2%
  • Growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2022:  2.6%
  • Growth rate in the first quarter of 2023:     1.1%


Lest we forget: 2023 Tax Brackets. JWR’s Comment: In an age of mass inflation, we’ll all become millionaire holders of near-worthless dollars, and we’ll all be in the top tax bracket.

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Tom Christianson suggested this article: IRS Hiring Gun-Carrying Agents in all 50 States.

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Reported last October: Inflation Is Surging, So Are Federal Tax Collections. JWR’s Comments: Despite record revenue, Congress consistently overspends. The National Debt is expected to jump from $31 trillion to $50 in the next few years.  The annual interest payments on the National Debt will soon exceed the size of the annual Department of Defense budget!

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Crypto Tax Rates: Complete Breakdown by Income Level 2023.


Commodities Prices to Remain Sky High Throughout 2024.

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Wheat is looking weak. A quote:

“Wheat futures in the US sank to below $6.3 per bushel in late April, the lowest in 21 months, as supply is set to remain strong…”

JWR’s Comment:  For those who are preparedness-minded. This dip represents a good time to stock up on hard red winter wheat, in quantity.

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From OilPrice NewsOil Set For Sixth Straight Monthly Loss.

Inflation Watch:

US March PCE core inflation 4.6% vs 4.5% expected. JWR’s Comments: Take note that the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price figure is a key indicator used by the Federal Reserve for gauging near-future inflation.  Seeing this number tells me that the Fed’s FOMC will probably continue to remain hawkish on interest rates, at their early-May meeting.

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Why are gas prices rising? 2023 has seen a spike in costs at the pump. Here’s what it means.

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The cost of food is down, but grocery bills are still up. Here’s why.

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Meanwhile, in the U.K.: Food Prices Tracker: April 2023. Rising at a whopping 19.1% rate, in England!

Forex & Cryptos:

From a Saudi publication: Top 10 Highest Currencies Around The World in 2023 (Updated April).

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At Currency Thoughts: Banking System Concerns and Further Evidence that Growth Has Slowed.

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Elizabeth Warren Wants The Police At Your Door In 2024 If You Have A Crypto-Wallet.

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Fed Asks Americans for Feedback on a Central Bank Digital Currency—Here Are Some Responses.

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Bitcoin Price Targets Fourth Consecutive Bullish Monthly Close, Are We There Yet?

Tangibles Investing:

There seems to be another civilian ammunition shortage brewing, in the United States. I recommend stocking up — particularly any modern military calibers, and .22 Long Rifle.


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