CHARLES will become the “Golden King” as he is adorned in glittering robes worn by his ancestors.

Previously, the Coronation clothing, called vestments, have only been seen on telly in black and white.

The monarch will also wear the single white Coronation Glove on his right hand to hold the Sceptre.

Some have jokingly compared it to the single mitt pop legend Michael Jackson used to wear.

After his private anointing by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles will be adorned with the Colobium Sindonis, a sleeveless linen tunic which symbolises purity and simplicity.

He will pull on the incredible Supertunica — a sleeved coat of gold silk which weighs around 2kg.

It was created for Charles’s great-grandfather George V in 1911, and worn at successive Coronations including George VI’s in 1937 and Elizabeth II’s in 1953.

On top of that will be placed a floor-length gold cloak — weighing 3 to 4kg — called the Imperial Mantle, which was made for King George IV in 1821.

The priceless vestments are usually kept in the Tower of London.

Coach is in the house

A GOLDEN coach used for Speakers of the House of Commons will be on display at the Palace of Westminster to commemorate the Coronation.

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The ornately carved and gilded State Coach, which weighs over two tons, is thought to have been made for King William III and Queen Mary II in the 1690s.

It is the oldest of three great ceremonial coaches in Britain.

Current Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “I’m excited the public will have the opportunity to see it.”