We might be heading for a second civil war here in the U.S. at some point, but how likely is it really? And what can we do to prepare for it just in case something does kick-off?

Tonight I’ll be going over the Civil War possibilities, the timeline, and what we should do to protect our families and our supplies before and during a civil conflict or outright war.

I’ll also review a list of low-cost prepping supplies with multiple purposes. As preppers, we love all these supplies that have a specific purpose but can be used for other emergency applications.

I won’t be reviewing EVERY multiuse prepping item because the list would probably number in the hundreds, but I have quite a few. We’ll also have a live chat, so if you have any ideas, I don’t get to throw them in the discussion.

Multi-Purpose Prepping Supplies Article

Because there were so many supplies I talked about in the multi-use prepping supplies segment, I went ahead and wrote an article listing everything out. You can read the 25 Multi-Use Prepping Supplies & Survival Tools article here.