I’ll soon be doing videos testing different prepper meals and cooking in SHTF conditions. Tonight I will discuss some of these emergency cooking options and some precautions we should take in an extended SHTF situation.  

Each option I discussed in the show has pros and cons., depending on the situation; one cooking method may be more ideal than the other. Figuring out what to cook will be step one. Ensuring you aren’t ringing the neighbors’ dinner bell might be just as important.  

I also read an article I want to cover that covers some of the best and worst states to live in a long-term disaster. The article isn’t very detailed, so I will fill in the blanks where they fell short. 

Deciding where to live before, during, and after an actual SHTF event will require much thought, and many factors must be considered. The best place to be is the most “prepper friendly” state. 

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