A tech developer has created an AI clone of his girlfriend using ChatGPT and now wants others to do the same.

New York-based Enias Cailliau is the creator of ‘GirlfriendGPT’, a ‘weekend project’ of his where he tries to turn his real-life girlfriend Sacha into a GPT AI.

By combining the conversational AI tool ChatGPT with other AI programmes, including image generators, Enias claims to have created an AI with a personality similar to his partner.

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He’s even made the project open source so anyone can make an ‘AI girlfriend’, and invited the public to add their own personalities to the tool.

Enias explained how he ‘cloned his girlfriend’ using GPT technology in a Twitter threat.

First he created a conversational AI agent that he could ‘talk’ to, then asked Google Bard to generate a description of his girlfriend’s personality.

After that, he used ElevenLabs’ VoiceLab tool to make a digital replica of Sacha’s actual voice, although he said he was ‘not happy with the results’.

Finally, Enias began work on an AI ‘SelfieTool’ which could generate images of Sacha using Stable Diffusion technology. Judging by the images he has shared to Twitter of these ‘selfies’, he might need to do a little bit more work on them as some are positively nightmarish.

But other Twitter users have begun adding new ‘girlfriends’ to the tool. One of these, ‘Luna’, is described as a ‘caring friend and confidant’ with a ‘kind, bubbly, charismatic’ personality. Another is ‘VC Girlfriend’ (i.e. venture capitalist girlfriend) who is supposed to be ‘smart’, ‘tech-savvy’, and ‘always looking for the next deal’.

It’s not clear exactly how Enias’ real-life girlfriend feels about his ‘weekend project’, or whether he is spending more time on the weekend with her AI clone than he is with her.

But the project will at least help more people easily make surreal, uncanny AI chat interfaces that minutely resemble some of the traits of real humans in the most superficial way possible. Let’s chalk that up as yet another win for technology, and a loss for girlfriends everywhere.