New Yorkers should not “underestimate” the threat from lone-wolf style terrorists who have been radicalized by Hamas online, warned New York Mayor Eric Adams, as the horror of the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to send shockwaves around the world.

Speaking at a press conference, the Democrat may warned the city to be on guard, saying: “Don’t underestimate lone wolves…people being radicalized online.”

He added that messaging social media sites – where Hamas has shared horrific footage of Saturday’s attack on Israel – can motivate people to carry out similar attacks. 

Authorities in New York are paying “special attention” to communities of Hasidic Jews in the Big Apple while monitoring social media sites, he said. 

His comments come as more than 1,800 lives have already been claimed on both sides. Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza hold more than 150 soldiers and civilians hostage, according to Israel.

The war began after Hamas militants stormed into Israel on Saturday, bringing gunbattles to its streets for the first time in decades. 

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The NYPD has reportedly upped perimeter searches around the city with a focus on synagogues. He urged the houses of worship to consider hiring security. 

Adams added: “We cannot let our guards down.”

Parents in Israel have been warned to uninstall certain social media apps on their children’s devices as Hamas takes to the internet to share atrocities committed during a multiday rampage. 

Hamas shared at least one video on social media showing members of the group beheading Israeli soldiers, according to the Israeli Defense Force. 

Other videos circulating have shown terrorists executing civilians at point-blank range and taking hostages back to Gaza. 

Israel has responded to the attack which killed more than 1,000 of its citizens with hundreds of air strikes in Gaza. Palestinian authorities said at least 830 were killed in Gaza. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to turn parts of the Gaza Strip into “rubble” following the terrorist attack and is preparing the country for a long war. 

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