You can make a good argument that the internet has done more harm than it has good when it comes to the fabric of society.

But there’s no denying that with the rise and perfusion of the internet has come henceforth undreamed of access to information on every topic, and that includes the topic of survival and preparation.

There’s so much you can learn on the web, but much of the time that means reading. However, thanks to the popularity of podcasts you can actively listen even while your hands and eyes are engaged with other tasks.

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn when I’m at the gym, on the road, or doing something around the property. You should be doing the same!

The following prepper podcasts cover every facet of preparation imaginable. You’re bound to find a new favorite below…

Warrior Poet Society Network

John Lovell, the former Army Ranger and founder of the Warrior Poet Society, is a true renaissance man in terms of survival and readiness.

Combining his faith, affable nature, wide-ranging expertise, and family-driven insights into shooting, self-defense, living, thriving, and surviving in the modern world and doing so while remaining ethical, enthusiastic, and positive, he’s one of a kind and so is his podcast.

Even better, you can listen to it literally on every platform you can think of. Find the link free at Podbean below:

The John Lovell Show

The Casual Preppers

Part hilarious radio show and part myth-busting expose, of a sort, the intrepid hosts of The Casual Preppers, Coby and Cam, are nonetheless quite seasoned and experienced concerning all matters of survival techniques and disaster scenarios.

They delve into every corner of survival and take on lots of dodgy lore and questionable old wives’ tales in the interim.

Certainly one of the most entertaining shows on our list, if you have trouble getting through some of the more dour and serious programming out there The Casual Preppers podcast is a perfect antidote.

Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

The Survival Show

Another classic show on our list, but one that’s still going strong and well worth your time, The Survival Show is a format where two hosts, David and Craig, break down every type of emergency or disaster scenario that might occur and how it will affect you depending on where you live.

This is a shorter podcast, but there are lots of episodes and this makes it one of my favorites for binge listening when I’m sitting down for work at the bench or desk.

Between the two of them, the hosts have a tremendous amount of survival expertise under their belt and when you put them together, the end result is really something special.

No matter what sort of specialized information you are seeking, they’ve probably already covered it and at least one show so check out the archive on Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcasts

Ready Your Future Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts for really deep diving into any given related subject, Ready Your Future is a show that is packed with information useful to the complete neophyte or the seasoned survival expert alike.

Topics covered range from everyday emergencies like at-home accidental injuries to surviving regional and local catastrophes. The holistic approach the show takes toward integrating the most cutting-edge information with time-tested and proven procedures is a breath of fresh air.

The show is also good at giving you plenty of links and other resources to help you learn more on any given subject. You can catch it directly off their website, on Stitcher, or Apple Podcasts.

Ready Your Future | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Practical Prepping Podcast

Only a few years old at this point but nonetheless a podcast with a substantial archive, the alliteratively named Practical Prepping Podcast lives up to its moniker by providing everyday citizens with the info they need to survive all sorts of contingencies and emergencies in life.

More than most other shows on our list, this podcast is only concerned with things that might actually occur. The husband and wife duo, Mark and Krista Lawley, have excellent on-air chemistry and a great way of approaching any sort of scenario holistically with an eye toward cooperation.

If you have a partner who’s with you on your prepping journey, put this podcast near the top of your list. Available in many formats, links below.

Practical Prepping | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Canadian Prepper Podcast

Not to be confused with the YouTube channel of the same name, the Canadian Prepper Podcast is half variety show, half hard-hitting informational program.

The three hosts have plenty of fun, but don’t be fooled by their occasional antics because each episode is crammed with insights, info and explanations concerning all kinds of survival situations, lore, and material preparation.

And they will surprise you, because there are occasional dalliances into some really sobering stuff like the ethics of choosing who to help and who to save when your life and the life of your family is already on the line. They really leave no stone unturned when it comes to these things!

Canadian Prepper Podcast | Apple Podcasts

The Survivalist Prepper

The Survivalist Prepper podcast might be somewhat redundantly named, but it is a wonderful resource for people like you and me.

My favorite thing about this podcast is how Dale Goodwin, the host, explores every conceivable kind of survival situation in exacting detail, inside and out.

Whereas most podcasts of this type basically regurgitate tried-and-true but formulaic answers to survival problems, Goodwin goes a lot further.

He explores how every facet of a person’s life will affect the decision-making matrix attendant to survival; it’s really good stuff!

And, despite the depth of the information presented and the length of the episodes, it seems like each lengthy episode just flies by, a testament to his skill as a presenter. Don’t miss this one!

Apple Podcasts | iHeart

Disaster Podcast

A disaster-prep podcast with a decidedly institutional bent, Disaster Podcast hosts Sammy and Jamie are both survival experts with vetted, “badged” skill sets and they bring on a great variety of guests who are similarly certified.

They shine a light on an element of survival that most civilians aren’t privy to, namely what various agencies and first responders are likely to be focusing on, or what they’re likely to be doing under the same circumstances.

These insights might save your life, especially if you live in a suburban or urban area! A fascinating podcast that is well worth your time.

Disaster Podcast | Apple Podcasts

Fieldcraft Survival

Although the idea that we could all just run off into the woods or leave town and wait for things to die down is undeniably appealing, when society starts to unravel, we’re probably going to be forced to fight. When that day comes, it’s in your best interest to know how to handle yourself when protecting what’s yours.

Fieldcraft Survival will help get you there, and it’s hosted by people who have walked the walk when it comes to field maneuvers, armed and unarmed combatives, small unit tactics, and a whole lot more.

You don’t have to be a militia type of person to benefit from these skill sets, and if you’re already part of a mutual assistance group or if you have a large family that is on board with prepping, you should definitely put this into the rotation.

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | iHeart

In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast

Rational, calm and focused only on what is actually likely to occur for normal citizens, this is one of the very best podcasts around for folks who just want to live a lifestyle of peaceful preparation.

Even better, since most of us already live in or around suburbia, the strategies, techniques and considerations discussed are centered on that sort of lifestyle, and what you might need to do when that living situation becomes completely untenable.

If you’re tired of the non-stop, breathless fantasizing about end-of-the-world scenarios, the In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast should be your first stop. Available at their own website and on Apple Podcasts.

In the Rabbit Hole | Apple Podcasts

Modern Outdoor Survival

A podcast that’s just now getting warmed up, but one that has quickly shot to the top of my weekly rotation, host Richard Prideaux combines discussions on needed survival gear with and in-depth coverage of procedures, stories, accounts, and insights from a huge variety of guests – each with lots of real-world survival experience.

This podcast focuses on classic outdoor survival situations in all sorts of conditions, and each one is not only fun to listen to but positively packed with juicy tips and tricks throughout.

Richard is a wonderful host and interviewer, and his preparation for each bi-weekly show is obvious. Don’t miss this one! Check it out on Apple Podcasts or at the direct link below.

Modern Outdoor Survival | Apple Podcasts

Survival and Basic Badass Podcast

The humorously named Survival and Basic Badass podcast is another excellent prepping-centric variety show hosted by three guys who are trying to reach the official title of “badass.”

Don’t let that fool you, because they present great insights for any Average Joe who’s looking to brush up his personal preparedness skills, capabilities and pure grit.

From living off the grid to surviving a disaster in urban or wilderness environments, there is tons to learn and they only occasionally go off-topic into bigger picture stuff like conspiracy theories to make things a little more entertaining.

Another great, fun show with a wonderful ratio of info to nonsense. Catch it on Stitcher, iHeart or Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcasts | iHeart | Stitcher

Mountain Woman Radio

Most folks talk about going off-grid, but very few actually do it, and fewer still make it a permanent lifestyle choice.

The eponymous Mountain Woman, host Tammy Trayer is a hunter and outdoorswoman extraordinaire, and when she speaks, you can tell she has really lived the advice that she is giving.

But more than an apocalyptically minded survivor, Tammy takes the time to talk about actually living your life out in nature, and doing so in a way that is physically and spiritually fulfilling. It’s not all doom and gloom!

If you’ve been on a steady diet of black pill survivalism or doom scrolling the news channels, this show is a wonderful way to get a breath of fresh air. Give it a listen, that’s an order.

Faith Led Living | Apple Podcasts | iHeart

Civil Defense Radio

Styling itself as the new face of American civil defense, Civil Defense Radio tailors each and every show to inform and educate about the many natural and man-made threats facing the American citizenry.

From the mundane to the subtle, no topic is off limits and each episode is packed with expert insights from host and guest alike concerning individual resiliency as the foundation of community resiliency.

Information-driven and always providing lots of links and additional resources, if you were only going to listen to one survival podcast you can make a great case for this being the one. Like they say, “your tomorrow may depend on today’s preparedness!”

Civil Defense Radio

Mind of the Warrior

You’ve probably heard it said before that victory or defeat in any endeavor begins in the mind. That’s true, and something I myself have tried to live by. And it is this curious facet of survival that’s explored in detail on the Mind of the Warrior podcast.

Host Dr. Mike Simpson invites and interviews people from all walks of life, be they fellow medical professionals, military operatives or police, and many more besides, to uncover and detail the strategies they use to succeed when everything seemed to be going against them.

We will all face unknowable back-breaking adversity in life, and as bad as any true survival situation might be consider that you might already be going into it emotionally and mentally compromised.

If that happens, you must learn how to overcome devastating setbacks and persevere if you want to survive. The Mind of the Warrior podcast can help you do that.

Apple Podcasts

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