SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods. This column is a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from JWR. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. In today’s column, we look at the threat that could be posed by feral dog packs.

A Future Feral Dog Threat?

SurvivalBlog reader Karen B. sent us this from The Los Angeles Times: In a remote corner of California, roaming dog packs leave a trail of blood and terror. JWR’s Comments:  In a deep economic depression or a societal collapse, situations like these are bound to become more commonplace, as dog owners turn loose pets that they can no longer afford to feed. And, as they multigenerationally breed into feral packs, they likely will become more wolf-like, in their behavior. Plan accordingly.  For folks who live in suburbs, I recommend laying in a large supply of 12 gauge shotshells loaded with #4 Buckshot. (Note that this is not to be confused with the much smaller diameter and more common #4 birdshot.) That is the best choice for stopping dogs, up close, with only minimal risk to the occupants of neighboring houses.

US-Made Weapons Used to Attack Our Allies

Bobby in Oregon sent this, from a news outlet in India: From India to Israel, US weapons being used to attack its allies. JWR’s Comments:  I have no doubt that a large portion of those are being sold by the Taliban, in Afghanistan. We can only blame the incompetent and corrupt Biden regime, for leaving those weapons in situ, when the U.S. withdrawal took place. Shame on them!  Oh, and speaking of Kashmir, a recent Itchy Boots motorcycle travel video graphically illustrates how India is ramping up their forces there.

Wayne LaPierre Announces Resignation as NRA Chief

Another news item from C.B.:  Wayne LaPierre announces resignation as NRA chief. JWR’s Comments:  LaPierre should have left many years ago.  His gradual politics-of-appeasement approach bothered most NRA members. So did his lavish lifestyle, with exorbitant travel and $3,000+ suits tacked on to his expense reports. When I met and talked with him at a Safari Club International (SCI) convention in 2014, he struck me as arrogant, self-centered, and statist. We discussed gun rights issues for several minutes. When I mentioned concealed carry in general, he sounded enthusiastic. But when we discussed Constitutional Carry, he sounded indifferent. (He’s more recently changed his tune, as the nationwide sea change on permitless carry took place.) And when I brought up overturning the National Firearms Act (NFA), his attitude became almost hostile. He said something to me to the effect of: “That’s settled and we can’t do anything about that.” So, at least back in 2014, our opinions differed, sharply. LaPierre’s last day in NRA leadership will be January 31st. Adios, Wayne!  The NRA needs someone who is more humble and a true gun rights champion, in his place.

The COP28 Conference and Global Energy Demand

H.L. sent this: The Obvious Hypocrisy at the COP28… Here’s What It Means For Global Energy Demand.

Disease Spreading Through Portland’s Homeless Population

A Horrible Contagious Illness is Spreading Through Portland, Oregon’s Homeless Population. An excerpt:

“The disease of Shigella is spreading in the city, mostly through the homeless population, and to make matters worse, it spreads in a disgusting way, through fecal matter.

Aside from the ethical matter of allowing people to live on the street, one of the biggest issues is the threat to public health. This is why you don’t want a large population of people living in tents and using streets as a bathroom.”

The Escalating Homelessness Crisis in America

Over at WhatfingerAddressing the Escalating Homelessness Crisis in America. Blue Cities Are Self Destructing.

Facebook Adds Another Intrusive Snooping Tool

Reader C.B. spotted this: Introducing ‘Link History,’ Facebook’s Ominous Tech for Tracking Your Every Move.

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