Outgoing House Republican Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) added some further insights into his decision to retire and blasted many of his fellow Republicans for being willing to “lie” for Donald Trump.

Buck joined NewsNation’s Chris Stirewalt over the weekend on his new Sunday show and was asked by the former Fox News political editor about his decision to retire and what it meant for the current state of the GOP.

“We’ve gone from a time when the Tea Party stood for conservative principles, for constitutional principles, to a time where the [populists] have taken over the Republican Party and are really advocating things that I believe are very dangerous,” Buck told Stirewalt.

Stirewalt pressed for more details on his decision to retire. “The MAGA crowd ran a primary against me last time. I won 75-25. I’m not concerned about [a] primary, I’m not concerned about losing a general election,” Buck replied, adding:

You know, the time is right. I’m at a point in my life where I want to do different things. I want to enjoy my family more, I want to [do] less business travel and more recreational travel. There are a lot of things that went into the decision.

But really we’re at a time in American politics, that I am not going to lie on behalf of my presidential candidate, on behalf of my party. And I’m very sad that others in my party have taken the position that, as long as we get the White House, it doesn’t really matter what we say.

Watch the full clip above via NewsNation.

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