Everyone is looking for new ways to make their everyday practices much more sustainable. If you’re a chicken owner, here’s a method that takes sustainability to the next level. Let us introduce you to the innovative concept of a rain barrel chicken waterer. This DIY project helps you convert a traditional rain barrel into an automatic chicken waterer. This not only saves water, but also labor, time and ultimately, money.

What is a Rain Barrel Chicken Waterer?

A rain barrel chicken waterer is essentially a water storage tank. It collects and stores rainwater to supply chickens with fresh, clean water all the time. This free water supply makes your poultry management more financially and environmentally friendly. Let’s dwell deeper and understand how to build a rain barrel chicken waterer and what benefits it brings.

The Steps to Build Your Rain Barrel Chicken Waterer

Creating a rain barrel chicken waterer is much easier than you think. Here are the pertinent steps:

Step 1 – Select a Barrel: You should start with a good quality barrel able to store a generous amount of water. Choose one made from food-grade plastic for maintaining water purity.

Step 2 – Install a Water Collection System: This step involves placing the barrel beneath a downspout or gutter to collect rainwater effectively.

Step 3 – Connect a Drinking System: Attach a chicken drinking system (like drinking cups or nipples) to the lower part of the barrel, and ensure it’s at a height where your chickens can access it easily.

Step 4 – Maintain Regularly: Although rainwater is mostly clean, it’s crucial to clean the barrel regularly to prevent algae growth and contamination.

The Benefits of Building a Rain Barrel Chicken Waterer

The benefits to using a rain barrel chicken waterer are numerous. They include reduced labor, decreased bills, and a boost to your sustainability efforts. More so, with rainwater being devoid of chlorine and other chemicals usually present in tap water, your chickens get to hydrate on cleaner, better water.

Relevant Facts and Statistics

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, rainwater harvesting can lower water bills by about 50%. Additionally, a University of Arizona study showed that rainwater is safe for animals to drink, making rain barrel chicken waterers an optimal choice for poultry owners.


Building a rain barrel chicken waterer not only benefits the environment but also makes the task of watering your chickens considerably easier. Do your part in promoting sustainability, keep your chickens healthy, and save on water bills with this easy DIY project.