North Carolina governor nominees play up their differences


RALEIGH, N.C. — The Democratic and Republican nominees for North Carolina governor are playing up their differences in speeches to supporters.

Josh Stein is the Democrat and the state’s current attorney general. Robinson, the state’s Republican lieutenant governor, is a former factory worker who has the endorsement of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Today we took an important first step, but we must be clear-eyed about the stakes of this election,” Stein said in a victory speech to supporters in Raleigh. “We’re at a crossroads,” he said. He told supporters Robinson’s vision was “bleak and divisive.”

Robinson described himself as an underdog.

“The differences could not be more clear,” Robinson said at a Greensboro victory party. “I’m sure the people of North Carolina will make the right choice.”

Here’s where you can track delegates in the Republican and Democratic presidential contest

WASHINGTON — Here’s the thing about the presidential nomination contests: It’s actually about delegates, not just racking up state victories.

Keep tabs on which candidates are notching delates with this tracker. So far, Trump has a pretty commanding lead over Haley. But the latest totals still have him needing more than 900 delegates of the 1,215 he needs to get the nomination.

President Joe Biden needs 1,968 delegates to secure the Democratic nod, and he’s got 375 as of now.

Polls are closing soon in 1 more state

By The Associated Press

Polls are closing in Utah 10 p.m. EST.

Utah voters planning for a GOP caucus with polite discourse and food

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — As voters in other states across the Mountain West line up at the polls, Utah Republicans are doing things differently.

Thousands of voters are flooding into Millcreek Junior High School, one of 2,300 neighborhood caucus locations around the state where residents will debate the candidates as a group before casting votes in a preference poll. Voters are bringing plates of food to eat during the coming debates.

“We want to have good, strong political discourse tonight,” said Lisa Fifield, the Bountiful, Utah, caucus director.

Utah’s 40 delegates will be distributed proportionally between the candidates unless one receives over 50% of the vote, which would earn them all of the state’s delegates.

WATCH: AP explains Super Tuesday race calls in Maine, Massachusetts and Tennessee

President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, are looking to all but clinch their party’s nominations as both are heavily favored in each of the 16 states and one territory holding Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.

Biden loses in American Samoa, a U.S. territory in the South Pacific

WASHINGTON — Jason Palmer defeated President Joe Biden in American Samoa, a tiny U.S. territory in the South Pacific. According to the local Democratic Party, Palmer won 51 votes and Biden won 40.

There were only six delegates up for grabs there in a contest that requires nearly 2,000, but it’s still a notable setback for an incumbent president. Palmer is a Baltimore-based investor.

This isn’t the first time that American Samoa has turned up surprising results in a primary. During the 2020 Democratic race, it was the only contest won by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor.

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AP EXPLAINS: Why AP called winners of Texas primaries for president and the Republican Senate primary


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press was able to declare Biden and Trump the winners of Texas’ presidential primaries and Cruz the winner of the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, based on an analysis of initial vote returns from across the entire state.

At 9 p.m. EST, when the final polls closed in the state, over 100 counties had reported almost half a million total votes. The votes came from every major geographic region in the state, with the biggest number coming from the Houston and Dallas areas.

The winning candidates were winning throughout the state. Biden’s best region was in the eastern part of the state and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, while Trump and Cruz were both doing best in the eastern region and Houston areas.

AP compared places where votes have been reported to places where they have not and concluded that even if the trailing candidates exceeded expectations in the vote still to be counted, they couldn’t catch up with the leaders and therefore didn’t have a way to win.

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Biden looks past Tuesday to State of the Union address

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is flying under the radar on Super Tuesday, looking ahead to his State of the Union address on Thursday. Biden was at the White House and did little official campaigning as the incumbent coasts toward his party’s nomination a second time. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that Biden would be “kept updated” throughout the evening. “He’ll be aware of what’s going on tonight as we see elections happening across the country,” she told reporters. “I just don’t have anything specific on that.” The low-key approach is part scheduling, as Biden spends hours in preparation sessions with top aides for Thursday’s big speech, and part by design, as he projects his focus is on the November race.

Phillips tries to laugh off another flop

WASHINGTON — Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, the only elected Democrat to challenge President Joe Biden in their party’s primary, isn’t coming close to winning anywhere on Tuesday — but he’s trying not to let it get him down.

“Congratulations to Joe Biden, Uncommitted, Marianne Williamson, and Nikki Haley for demonstrating more appeal to Democratic Party loyalists than me,” Phillips posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Phillips has remained in the race despite providing only token opposition to Biden and no real chance of challenging him nationally. His home state of Minnesota is among those holding a Democratic primary on Super Tuesday — but he isn’t expected to win there, either.

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Minnesota

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Minnesota

Why AP declared Trump and Biden the winners of the presidential primaries in Alabama


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press was able to declare Trump and Biden the winners of their respective presidential primaries in Alabama at 8:45 p.m. EST as both continued to steamroll through Super Tuesday contests.

Alabama marked Biden’s 10th and Trump’s seventh victory of the night. Neither has lost a Super Tuesday state yet.

Biden was winning nearly all the votes reported at the time of the call and led in every region of the state. He was especially dominant in the Birmingham area and in the southern part of the state.

At the time of the call, Trump’s next-closest competitor was the “uncommitted” ballot option. He also was doing best in southern Alabama.

Biden’s campaign is betting the general election will be a referendum on Trump

WASHINGTON — The Biden campaign is hoping that tonight’s results will clarify the choice for voters this November. It’s an all-but-certain rematch between the incumbent president and Trump.

Biden’s team is making an all-in wager that it can make the general election into a referendum on Trump. They’re betting that voters who rejected Trump in 2020 — and GOP candidates in 2022 and 2023 — will do so again this November, even if they have little enthusiasm for Biden.

It’s clear many voters dislike both Biden and Trump — but Biden’s team is hoping that those who dislike their choices at the ballot box will break their way.

Here’s where Super Tuesday voting stands

WASHINGTON — The biggest night of the primary campaign is half over. So far, there haven’t been any surprises.

President Joe Biden has easily carried all the Democratic contests, winning Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Vermont.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump clinched Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Full results will take at least a few more hours. Voting in Alaska doesn’t end until 12 a.m. EST.

Although Biden and Trump are expected to be their party’s nominee, neither will be declared the “presumptive nominee” tonight. Trump won’t have enough delegates until March 12, and Biden will have to wait until March 19.

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Colorado

No cyber threats to elections on Super Tuesday


CHICAGO — The first major voting date on this year’s primary calendar passed without major issues Tuesday.

There were no specific, credible threats or deliberate nefarious activities as states across the country held Super Tuesday elections, said a senior official for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency who insisted on anonymity to discuss the elections.

The official said they are aware of social media outages Tuesday that caused widespread login issues for a few hours across Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Messenger platforms, but they are not aware of any election nexus.

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP declared winners in Tennessee, Massachusetts and Maine presidential primaries


AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Colorado

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Arkansas

AP RACE CALL: Ted Cruz wins the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Texas’s primary election

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Texas

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Texas

Polls are closing in 2 more states

By The Associated Press

Polls are closing in Colorado and Minnesota at 9 p.m. EST. Last polls are closing in Texas. Caucuses are beginning in Utah for Republicans.

AP EXPLAINS: How AP declared the winners of North Carolina’s governor primaries


WASHINGTON — The general election contest in North Carolina was set some 30 minutes after polls closed when The Associated Press called winners of both the Republican and Democratic primaries.

With more than half of the state’s counties reporting results, Mark Robinson led the three-candidate GOP field in four of the state’s five regions. He had a small lead in the Charlotte area and was ahead by larger margins elsewhere in the state. He also won in moderate to heavily Republican areas.

Josh Stein had a double-digit lead over a more crowded field of Democrats. He was winning a majority of votes in all five regions of the state and was doing particularly well in the state’s two urban regions, around Charlotte and Raleigh, where roughly 40% of the state’s Democratic voters were expected.

Girl Scout sells cookies at Colorado polling site to encourage people to vote

LITTLETON, Colo. — At a polling site in Colorado, 8-year-old Kaiah Ezell is with her mom selling Girl Scout cookies and encouraging people to vote.” We are a big American family,” said mom Ally Ezell, 26.

Ezell, bedecked in American flag pants and a shirt stamped with “Patriot,” confirmed they’ll take Venmo to a customer buying shortbread. “Did you get a chance to vote today?” Ezell asked the customer. They had not.

She voted for Trump because “I personally think that our economy and our country were in the best spot when he was president” she said, adding that, with a fiancé who’s a veteran, her top voting issue was “getting back to patriotism.”Kaiah bounced around the truck bed, digging out cookies for customers and calculating the change, but isn’t following politics much yet.

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Massachusetts

So much for the senator’s endorsement

WASHINGTON — Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins endorsed Nikki Haley in her home state. But Donald Trump easily won its GOP primary regardless.

It’s a reminder of the ways in which Trump has nationalized politics. Collins is a five-term senator, but her opinion turns out to carry little weight on presidential matters with her own constituents.

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Alabama

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Arkansas

Voters misled about newly created Alabama congressional district ahead of casting ballots

WASHINGTON — Efforts to boost Black representation in Alabama were marred on Tuesday when more than 6,000 voters in the new 2nd Congressional District received postcards with incorrect voting information.

The postcards misidentified the voters’ district because of a “software glitch,” according to a county official. The official said anyone was still allowed to cast ballots for the right candidates when they went to their precincts.

Advocates expressed concern that the error could have discouraged turnout in the first election with new district maps.

North Carolina’s race for governor will have clear contrasts

North Carolina voters picked Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein and Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson to succeed the term-limited Gov. Roy Cooper.

WASHINGTON — Voters picked Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein and Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson to succeed the term-limited Gov. Roy Cooper. Their general election campaigns will show clear contrasts.

Stein would be the state’s first Jewish governor. The Harvard University-educated lawyer has an established focus on consumer rights.

Robinson is a former factory worker. As a city council member, he gave a viral speech in 2018 that catapulted him into public recognition and earned him an endorsement from former President Donald Trump. Already North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor, Robinson would also be the state’s first Black governor.

WATCH: AP explains the first race calls of Super Tuesday

President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, are looking to all but clinch their party’s nominations as both are heavily favored in each of the 16 states and one territory holding Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Maine

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Maine

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Massachusetts

Republicans head to polls in Alaska

Polls have opened in Anchorage as Alaska Republicans choose their preferred party nominee for president. The polls opened at 3 p.m. local time – with school letting out at Grace Christian Church, causing some traffic headaches. Volunteer Rick Whitbeck of Anchorage held up a ballot that each voter will receive.

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Oklahoma

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Oklahoma

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP called North Carolina’s GOP primary for Trump


WASHINGTON — Trump picked up his second win of Super Tuesday when the Associated Press determined that he would win North Carolina, calling the race at 8 p.m. EST.

More than half the counties in the state had released results at the time of the call, which was made 30 minutes after polls closed.

Trump was leading Haley in initial returns by double digits in the three largest regions of the state. Though Haley was leading in the Charlotte area and the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area, the two more urban regions are small enough that her leads — if they remain — would not be big enough to offset Trump’s advantage in the rest of the state.

WATCH: Southern California voters discuss Biden and Trump ahead of likely rematch

President Biden and former President Donald Trump continue to dominate their parties despite both facing questions about their age and neither commanding broad popularity across the general electorate. (AP video: Haven Daley)

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Tennessee

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Tennessee

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP called North Carolina’s Democratic primary for Biden


WASHINGTON — It was Biden versus “no preference” in North Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary. The Associated Press was able to declare the president the winner minutes after polls closed, as Biden held a commanding lead.
Biden was the only named candidate on the ballot.

Twenty-three counties throughout the state had released votes when AP called the race at 7:38 p.m. EST. Biden was winning nearly all of the votes reported at the time of the call, which was made eight minutes after polls closed. The only other listed option was “no preference.”

Biden has received all 61 delegates that have been allocated so far Tuesday.

AP RACE CALL: Josh Stein wins Democratic nomination for governor in North Carolina primary election

AP RACE CALL: Mark Robinson wins Republican nomination for governor in North Carolina primary election

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in North Carolina

Trump’s ballroom party is a sharp contrast to his 2022 campaign launch

PALM BEACH, Fla.— Guests are jubilant and celebrating at Mar-a-Lago — a very different atmosphere from the fall of 2022 when Trump launched his third campaign for the White House in the same ornate ballroom with a staid announcement speech.

Trump was being blamed at the time for a slew of Republican losses and was widely seen as having an uphill path to the nomination. Now he is on the verge of clinching it — in record time.

Where things stand for Biden

WASHINGTON — It’s no surprise that President Joe Biden is notching easy victories in Super Tuesday’s primaries.

So far, The Associated Press has called Iowa, North Carolina, Vermont and Virginia with Biden. There are 12 additional states on Super Tuesday.

The Democrat is his party’s only major candidate, despite concerns among voters about the 81-year-old’s age. Biden has already spent the weeks leading up to the primary contests by focusing on his likely November opponent, former President Donald Trump, the 77-year-old Republican frontrunner.

Today’s results are likely to only intensify the rivalry between both men in what could be a long slog of a campaign. Biden has framed this race as a battle to protect democracy and constitutional values. The question is whether Biden can energize his voters for November.

Polls are about to close in 6 more states

Polls are closing in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee at 8 p.m. EST. Most polls are closing in Texas. Polls are closing in Arkansas at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Trump supporters ready to party in Florida

PALM BEACH, Fla. — The crowd has packed into Trump’s victory party at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach.

There’s a bar and passed hors d’oeuvres, including empanadas and baked brie cheese. Staff and supporters are among the crowd, which includes the rapper Forgiato Blow. Fox News is playing on screens set up around the ballroom.

The crowd was erupting into cheers when an announcement that former Republican Donald Trump won North Carolina’s Republican primary flashed on the screen.

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP declared Trump the winner in Virginia’s GOP primary


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press was able to declare Trump the winner of Virginia’s presidential primary at 7:25 p.m. EST because initial results showed he had an insurmountable lead over Haley. It was the first Super Tuesday victory for the former president.

Close to half of the state’s counties and cities had reported votes at the time of the call. Trump had nearly twice as many votes as Haley.

The former president was leading by double digits in four of the state’s five regions. Trump was doing best in the eastern region, which includes Richmond and is expected to be the site of the largest share of votes cast tonight.

Haley led in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, but the region is the second-smallest in the state, and her margin was not large enough to offset his advantage in the remainder of Virginia. Based on an analysis of the state’s voting history and the political leanings of different areas, the AP determined there was no scenario that would allow Haley to take the lead.

California Senate primary goes to ‘top two,’ regardless of party

WASHINGTON — California has Super Tuesday’s most hotly
anticipated and confusing primary contests.

Most states have separate voting for Democrats and Republicans, but California uses a “top two system.” That means the two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election, regardless of party.

So the big question hanging over the Senate race is whether a Republican finishes in the top two or if the general election features a faceoff between two Democrats.

The leading candidates are Republican Steve Garvey, a former baseball star, and Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee, Katie Porter and Adam Schiff. It’s possible the Democrats split votes and Garvey ends up leading the primary.

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP declared Biden the winner in Virginia and Vermont


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press was able to declare Biden the winner of presidential primaries in both Virginia and Vermont because initial results showed the president with an insurmountable lead over his rivals.

In both states, Biden had received nearly all the votes reported at the time of the calls, which were made within 20 minutes of polls closing. He was not losing in a single county or township that had reported votes at the time of the calls.
In Virginia, the earliest counties to report included some from the region surrounding Richmond. The area has the largest estimated share of Democratic voters in the state. AP called the race at 7:09 p.m. EST.

In Vermont, Biden was performing equally well among voters who live in moderate Democratic and moderate Republican areas. The AP called the race at 7:20 p.m. EST.

Based on analyses of the two states’ voting history and geography, the AP determined there was no scenario that would allow a trailing candidate to take the lead.

Crime is a major voter concern in Los Angeles

WASHINGTON — The blame game over crime could determine who serves as Los Angeles County district attorney.

Democrat George Gascón, a progressive prosecutor elected after the murder of George Floyd, is fighting to hold onto his job after surviving two previous recall attempts.

He faces 11 challengers in today’s nonpartisan primary. The two candidates with the most votes will face off in the general election in November.

Gascón’s critics have highlighted a series of robberies at luxury stores to suggest that lawlessness has been sweeping through Los Angeles. Property crime rose from 2022 to 2023. Violent crime slipped, but it’s still above prepandemic levels.

WATCH: Alabama voters go to the polls for Super Tuesday

Voters in Alabama came out to the polls on a rainy Super Tuesday to cast their votes for the 2024 Primary Election. (AP Video: Stephen Smith)

AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential primary in Virginia

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Vermont

Haley has no events planned for today

WASHINGTON — The former U.N. ambassador has pegged her campaign to the biggest day of the primary season, crossing the country over the last several days to visit Super Tuesday states. But she is not holding any public events tonight. And she has no future campaign rallies listed on her website.

Her campaign says she’s spending election night in the Charleston, South Carolina, area and watching results come in with her staff. Says the campaign: “The mood is jubilant.”

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in Virginia

Polls are about to close in 3 states


Polls are closing in Vermont and Virginia at 7 p.m. EST. Caucuses are beginning in Alaska for Republicans. Polls are closing in North Carolina at 7:30 p.m. EST.

WATCH: San Francisco voter says he’s ‘tense’ on Super Tuesday

Voters in San Francisco will weigh in on a pair of public safety measures on Tuesday’s ballot that reflect frustration over crime and drug use in the politically liberal city. (Mar 5) (AP video by Terry Chea) (AP production by Javier Arciga)

AP EXPLAINS: What to expect tonight

WASHINGTON — Super Tuesday is the biggest moment of the primary campaign. Since contests are spread out across several time zones from Maine to Alaska, results will be rolling in for hours.

Here’s the big picture:

  • Biden and Trump are the clear favorites to clinch their party’s nominations. However, neither will be declared the presumptive nominee tonight. Trump won’t have enough delegates until March 12, and Biden will have to wait until March 19.
  • The primary calendars don’t line up, which can be confusing. For example, Iowa Democrats voted today even though Iowa Republicans held their caucus in January.
  • Sometimes The Associated Press will be able to project a winner very quickly after voting is over. Read more about that process here.

Here’s when polls are closing:

  • The first results came from Iowa at 5:50 p.m. EST. Next up are Vermont and Virginia at 7 p.m. EST, also when Republicans will begin caucusing in Alaska. Voting ends in North Carolina at 7:30 p.m. EST.
  • A cascade of states — Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee — finish voting at 8 p.m. EST. Most polls will also close in Texas around that time, but some will finish later because the state spans two time zones.
  • Arkansas polls close at 8:30 p.m. EST, then Colorado and Minnesota at 9 p.m. EST.
  • Utah is holding caucuses for Republicans and a primary for Democrats. The caucuses begin at 9 p.m. EST and polls close at 10 p.m. EST.
  • California polls close at 11 p.m. EST, and voting ends in Alaska at 12 a.m. EST.

AP EXPLAINS: Why AP declared Biden won Iowa’s Democratic contest, and the state’s delegates


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press has made its first race call of Super Tuesday, declaring Biden the winner of Iowa’s all-mail presidential preference vote.

The Iowa Democratic Party released the results of its all-mail presidential preference vote at 5:50 p.m. ET. That report showed Biden winning nearly all of the reported votes across the state.

Based on his margin in the statewide vote, the Associated Press determined Joe Biden won the race and would receive all 14 of Iowa’s statewide delegates.

Though the all-mail caucuses technically opened on Jan. 15, the day Iowa Republicans held the GOP caucuses, state party officials did not release results until Tuesday, which is also the final day for voters to mail in their ballot. Iowa Democrats will count mail-in ballots that are postmarked by Tuesday, so a small number of votes could be added over the coming days.

Voter turnout down in key Texas county


McALLEN, Texas — Just 9% of registered voters have cast their ballot in this year’s primary election in Hidalgo County compared to 13% in 2020.

The number of voters participating in the Republican primary increased this year and dropped drastically among Democrats.

“I think we definitely need to see more people come out to vote,” said Michelle Vallejo, a Democratic congressional candidate. “And all it tells me is that we need to be doing more work, investing more into our community and reaching voters where they’re at. So that’s at their front doorstep.”

Vallejo lost the 2022 race for the 15th Congressional District to Rep. Monica De La Cruz, R-Texas.

WATCH: Biden and Trump barrel into Super Tuesday, toward a likely November rematch despite voter concerns

Super Tuesday elections are being held in 16 states and one territory — from Alaska and California to Vermont and Virginia. Hundreds of delegates are at stake, the biggest haul for either party on any single day. (Mar. 5) (AP video: Allen Breed in Morrisville, Rodrique Ngowi in Boston, Mark Vancleave in Minnesota)

President Joe Biden wins in Iowa

President Joe Biden notched his first Super Tuesday win in Iowa.

You’d be forgiven for being surprised to see Iowa results on Super Tuesday. The state is legendary for kicking off the presidential campaign every four years with its famed caucuses. But Democrats changed the process in Iowa after a meltdown in releasing results in 2020.

The trouble prompted the national party to reshuffle the election calendar this year with a goal of emphasizing more diverse states. That left Iowa Democrats sending ballots in the mail, with results released on Tuesday.

Republicans moved forward with the traditional caucuses in January with Trump posting a dominant, nearly 30 percentage point win over his closest rivals.

How Republicans are voting in Portland, Maine


PORTLAND, Maine – Republican voter Barbara Tracy said she was supporting Nikki Haley even though she’s an underdog.

“Donald Trump’s volatility scares me,” the 59-year-old paralegal said. “I think he’s a great candidate for us fiscally. But in all of the other areas I’m a little nervous.”
But Lucie Tardif, a 67-year-old retiree, had no such qualms about Trump. She said doesn’t always like the bombastic things that come from Trump’s mouth but she said that didn’t prevent her from supporting the former president.

“I wish he’d keep his trap shut every once in a while, but I thought he was a really good president. And that’s what matters to me,” the 67-year-old said. “He did what he said he was going to do. And I really like that,” she added.

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday event is ready to go

PALM BEACH, Florida — Mar-a-Lago’s gilded ballroom, with its ornate crystal chandeliers and cherub friezes, has been set with rows of banquet chairs, cocktail tables dressed in ivory linens and more than a dozen American flags for Trump’s Super Tuesday night event. More than 100 members of the media are on site. Among those spotted so far: Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Voters in Texas can watch on video as their ballots get counted


McALLEN, Texas – Voters craving more transparency after the last election cycle can watch via camera their ballots as they move behind closed doors in several counties nationwide.

“You’ll see staff going in and out, of course, authorized staff that able to be in there, along with the central counting station that will be there tabulating and calculating all the votes,” said Hilda Salinas, the election administrator in Hidalgo County.

Texas’ video surveillance is part of a 2021 state law. There are also other counties that are streaming their ballot processing, including Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Maricopa County, Arizona and King County, Washington.

WATCH: Minnesota voters take to the polls

By The Associated Press

Minnesota voters are taking to the polls, as President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump are poised to have the biggest day of the primary campaign during 16 Super Tuesday primary contests. (March 5) (AP video: Mark Vancleave, Carrie Antlfinger)

AP RACE CALL: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential nominating contest in Iowa

The economy remains an important issue for McAllen, Texas voters


Republican voter Gabriel Martinez says the economy is one of the most important issues for him. “I’m at a part of my life where I’m making a lot more money than before, over $130,000,” said Martinez, 55. “Yet it seems like I’m still dirt poor. And, you go to the grocery store, everything is so expensive.

Valerie Bramble, 26, was one of the few young voters out at a popular voting location in McAllen and hoped others in her demographic would show up to this election with the future in mind. “We are the younger generation and whatever we decide to vote on today or this year is going to determine a lot for the next four years of our life,” said Bramble. “I don’t think a lot of people really understand that.”

Texas governor spends Super Tuesday dealing with state’s wildfire


DALLAS – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott spent Super Tuesday afternoon talking to the officials in the Panhandle, where the state’s largest wildfire and others continue to burn.

The Republican didn’t mention politics as he spoke about the issues in the area, which include what he said was an “extraordinary” need for hay for cattle to eat.

Speaking in the city of Canadian, Abbott said that with the wildfires still burning, it’s important that residents remain vigilant.

“Even though progress has been made, it’s wrong if anybody thinks the fire is over and they can let down their guard,” he said.

On the political side, in the lead up to Tuesday’s primary, Abbott has been targeting nearly two dozen incumbents who helped defeat his plan to spend tax money on private schools.

Hundreds of miles above Earth, two astronauts cast their votes


HOUSTON — Aboard the International Space Station, two NASA astronauts performed their civic duty. NASA astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara confirmed their celestial ballots in posts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Being in space didn’t stop (O’Hara) and I from voting. Go vote today!” Moghbeli wrote.

According to NASA’s website, after an astronaut fills out an electronic absentee ballot aboard the space station, the encrypted document goes through a tracking and data relay satellite to a ground antenna at the White Sands Complex in New Mexico. From there, the ballot is sent to the Mission Control Center in Houston and forwarded to the county clerk’s office.

WATCH: Hear from voters on the issues that matter most to them

By The Associated Press

Super Tuesday is well underway across the U.S. Here’s what voters told AP they care about at the polls.

Emergency robocalls correct voting misinformation in North Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. — North Carolina officials activated emergency robocalls Tuesday morning to correct misinformation from a country music radio station serving a western part of the state in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

State Board of Elections spokesperson Patrick Gannon said WKYK — which is based in Burnsville, North Carolina — shared incorrectly that election day precincts had closed and voters around Yancey County (population: 18,000) would have to hit the polls at the county board of elections office.

Gannon said the false information appeared “to be an honest, but unfortunate, mistake.”

Within 30 minutes of the radio report, the county’s emergency management office used a subscription-based public safety mass messaging system to issue accurate voting instructions. WKYK did not immediately respond to a voice message from The Associated Press seeking more information.

A former Biden supporter feels “betrayed” over his stance on the Israel-Hamas war

BOSTON — Marwa Osman, a 35-year-old content creator, says she voted “no preference” over Biden’s policy regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. She is opposed to sending any aid to Israel and wants the president to support a full ceasefire. “We supported Biden from the beginning and kind of feel betrayed by him.”

If the administration doesn’t change its policy toward the war, Osman says she is considering sitting out the November election.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said. “I’ll probably not vote or vote for an independent party. I just cannot have my vote in good conscience go to something that is aiding to kill innocent civilians.”

Transgender community center celebrates its first year as vote center


LOS ANGELES — Scottie Jeanette Madden, who serves as a director at transgender advocacy group FLUX, said voters had been trickling into the Connie Norman Transgender Empowerment Center, which is serving as a vote center for the first time.

To mark the significance, the center has plans for a DJ to perform and is giving out water and snacks, essentially trying to turn the act of voting into a party.

“Our community has emotional boundaries, not geographic boundaries,” Madden said. “You can now come to a place that is safe and affirming and vote, which might not be your local polling place.”

For many years, state residents were assigned to vote at polling places based on their home addresses. The state has since moved to a system that lets voters cast their ballots at any vote center in their county, paving the way for the vote center at the transgender facility, she said.

Texas candidate can’t find his name on his own ballot, but mistake soon remedied


HOUSTON — What to do if you’re a candidate for office and you don’t see your name when looking over your ballot at your voting center?

“It was funny because I couldn’t even vote for my own self,” said Democratic state Rep. Jarvis Johnson of Texas, who’s running for the Texas Senate.

Johnson’s son and daughter and a member of his campaign were also voting at the same location in Houston, and they also couldn’t find his name on the ballot.

Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth says an election judge scanned the wrong precinct code. That brought up the wrong ballot for Johnson and the others.

Hudspeth says the mistake was fixed in real time and support staff has been sent to the voting location to ensure such an error won’t happen again.

Super Tuesday states demographics

Super Tuesday is the first chance millions of Americans have to express their preferences for president. The sixteen states voting today represent a broad swath of the electorate, ranging from the highly educated and largely white residents of tiny Vermont to the more racially diverse and higher-income California.

Below, find a breakdown of Super Tuesday states by some key demographics:

No longer first in line, Iowa Democrats quietly mail in ballots

DES MOINES, Iowa — For Democrats in Iowa, it was a break from five decades of tradition in how the state gets it say in helping determine the presidential nominee.

For 2024, the state party had to reapproach their caucuses. They’re the one-night spectacle where community members publicly signal their support for a candidate.

This year, Iowa Democrats have quietly filled in the bubble for President Joe Biden or one of his long-shot competitors and slipped the forms into the mailbox. More than 19,000 ballots were requested, according to the party, and roughly 13,000 had been received as of Tuesday morning.

And national Democrats reshuffled the primary calendar to prioritize more diverse states than Iowa. The change pushed Iowa from its leadoff position and back to Super Tuesday.

WATCH: Why Nikki Haley is still running in the GOP primary

Nikki Haley’s victory in the District of Columbia primary on Sunday at least temporarily halted Donald Trump’s sweep in the GOP contest. Despite her early losses, Haley has said she would remain in the race at least through Super Tuesday.

Houston, we’ve had only a few problems


HOUSTON — Elections in recent years in Texas’ most populous county have drawn attention because of various problems, from paper ballot shortages and malfunctioning machines to long lines of people waiting to vote.

But Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth, whose office is now in charge of elections, says that so far on Tuesday, things generally have gone smoothly in the Houston area, with issues in just a few places.

Hudspeth says those problems have been dealt with and she’s now taking her “first deep breath for the day knowing that voters are voting, our polls are working, and we’ve been able to address everything.”

Haley backer in Minnesota applauds ‘resiliency’ of Republican candidate


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — “It’s time for a woman.”

That’s what Pam Hulstrand, 65, said as she voted for Nikki Haley in a Twin Cities suburb in Minnesota. She said Haley is a new leader with experience and confidence.

But Hulstrand also said she’s prepared to vote for Donald Trump in November, if it comes to that. She said she voted for Joe Biden in 2020, but won’t do so again.

Hulstrand is holding out hope that Haley will win the nomination.

“The fact that she’s not giving up says a lot about her resiliency,” Hulstrand said.

Hulstrand, who’s a minister, said she likes Haley’s stand on issues such as what’s taught in schools.

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads logins restored after outage

By The Associated Press

A technical issue caused widespread login issues for a few hours across Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Messenger platforms Tuesday.

Andy Stone, Meta’s head communications, acknowledged the issues on X, formerly known as Twitter, and said the company “resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Users reported being locked out of their Facebook accounts and feeds on the platform as well as Threads and Instagram were not refreshing. WhatsApp, which is also owned by Meta, appeared unaffected.

A senior official with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency told reporters Tuesday that the agency was “not aware of any specific election nexus nor any specific malicious cyberactivity nexus to the outage.”

? Read more about Tuesday’s outage here.

Houston area’s top prosecutor goes to vote and is told she already did


HOUSTON — Kim Ogg must have thought it odd.

When the Houston area’s top prosecutor went to vote Tuesday, she was told she already had done so.

It took a bit of work, but the hiccup has been resolved.

Ogg says she was told that when her partner cast a ballot during early voting last week, the partner’s vote was mistakenly cast in Ogg’s name.

The Harris County district clerk says the mistake has been fixed and Ogg got the go-ahead to vote.

Taylor tells Swifties to get out and vote but doesn’t offer an endorsement


Arkansas’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders bets on Trump, her former boss, to return to the White House for another four years

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she’s confident her former boss Donald Trump will win the Republican Party’s nomination and take back the White House in the November election.

Sanders served as White House press secretary for the former president. She cast her ballot at a Little Rock community center Tuesday morning with her husband, Bryan Sanders.

She told reporters after casting her ballot that, “This is a head to head matchup at this point between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and he’s the clear favorite, has all the momentum, and I feel really good about him winning again in November.”

Sanders also says she wasn’t surprised by the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Monday restoring Trump to primary ballots.

She said the fact that it was a 9-0 decision is “very telling” and added that “it should be a signal to stop trying to use our courts for political purposes.”

Sanders declined to say who she voted for in two of the top races on the ballot in her home state, a pair of Supreme Court races that could give her two additional appointments to the court.

WATCH: What is Super Tuesday? Why it matters

The biggest day of the primary campaign is here: Super Tuesday. As the day with the most delegates up for stake, strong performances by Biden and Trump would move them much closer to winning their party’s nominations. Here’s what to expect.

Biden prepping with a slew of top aides at Camp David for the other big event this week for the president

By Seung Min Kim

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden spent much of the run-up to this Super Tuesday preparing for that OTHER big political event of the week – his annual State of the Union.

Biden has been holed up at Camp David, the presidential retreat just outside Washington, with some of his closest aides and outside advisers.

Among those with him at Camp David: White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed, senior adviser Anita Dunn, director of speechwriting Vinay Reddy, counselor to the president Steve Ricchetti, and Mike Donilon, a veteran Biden aide who recently moved from the White House to the campaign. That’s according to a person familiar with the president’s preparations. Also on hand was the presidential historian Jon Meacham, a Biden favorite.

Others are participating virtually, according to the person who was granted anonymity to discuss Biden’s private preparations.

The president returns to the White House later Tuesday.

Meta platforms down in widespread outage

Users of Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Messenger platforms are experiencing login issues in what appears to be a widespread outage.

Internet traffic observer Down Detector is reporting vast outages on several Meta properties on Super Tuesday.

The problems were spotted right across the world, suggesting that the outage could be global.

London-based internet monitoring firm Netblocks said on X that four Meta platforms —Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads — were “currently experiencing outages related to login sessions in multiple countries.” Andy Stone, Meta’s head communications, said the company is working on the issue.

Texas AG Paxton makes Super Tuesday appeal for voters to target those who voted to impeach him

By Paul Weber

AUSTIN, Texas —Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton isn’t on the ballot but is kicking off Super Tuesday by urging voters to oust fellow Republicans who voted to impeach him.

Paxton is out for political revenge six months after his acquittal in the state Senate over corruption and abuse of office allegations.

His targets include the powerful Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, who oversaw the vote that made Paxton only the third sitting official in the state’s nearly 200-year history to have been impeached.

Paxton wants to overthrow the leadership of the House. His efforts are being widely watched as an attempt to push one of the most conservative legislatures in the U.S. even further to the right.

But he faces legal risks. Paxton is scheduled to stand trial in Houston next month on nearly decade-old securities fraud charges and remains under FBI investigation over allegations that he abused his office.

Biden takes to the radio on Super Tuesday to rebuke Trump over his ‘shameful’ treatment of Black people

By Seung Min Kim

President Joe Biden hit the radio airwaves as aims to shore up his standing among Black voters, a critical constituency for Democrats in the November general election.

In a radio interview that aired on Super Tuesday morning with Ms. Jessica, a radio personality in North Carolina, Biden promoted his achievements for Black voters, such as increased funding for historically Black colleges and universities and key investments in infrastructure to benefit Black communities.

In another radio interview, with “DeDe in the Morning,” Biden took a sharp jab at his likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump, and what would happen if Democrats lose the White House.

“You’re going to be back with Donald Trump,” says Biden. “The way he talks about, the way he acted, the way he has dealt with the African-American community, I think, has been shameful.”

WATCH: San Francisco to vote on two measures for police surveillance and welfare access

By The Associated Press

San Francisco voters on Tuesday will be weighing in on two propositions. Proposition E would grant police more powers, giving them surveillance cameras and use of drones, and Proposition F would require single adults on welfare to be screened for drug use.

Polls open to eager voters, blue skies and chilly temperatures in Minnesota


Polling places are open in Minnesota. Three voters waited at the doors of the Eden Prairie Library when it opened at 7 a.m. for voting on Super Tuesday.

It’s a sunny day with a clear blue sky and 27 degrees Fahrenheit in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which is part of Dean Phillips’ congressional district.

Among the first voters was Seth De Penning. He says he voted for Nikki Haley because the Republican Party “needs a course correction.”

De Penning is 40, and works in marketing and identifies as a conservative-leaning independent. He said he has never voted for Donald Trump due to the former president’s temperament and character.

De Penning says he’s voting with his conscience by choosing Haley.

How the delegates work in Super Tuesday voting

Democrats and Republicans vote on who they want to run for president and other offices. And then once those votes are tallied, delegates are awarded.

Delegates are people chosen to represent their community at their political party’s presidential nominating convention. They are the ones who actually select the candidate to represent their party on the November ballot.

Candidates need to win a majority of them to pick up their party’s nomination. And no other date has more of those delegates at stake than Super Tuesday.

On the Republican side, 854 of 2,429 delegates — more than 35% are up for grabs. About 36%, or 1,420 delegates, are in play for Democrats.

Nobody will become the presumptive nominee after Tuesday’s primaries but it’ll be close.

WATCH: Haley says the Republican Party is ‘becoming Donald Trump’s playpen’

By The Associated Press

In Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley expressed concerns about the Republican Party in light of Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel saying she will leave her post on March 8. (Feb. 26)

AP VoteCast: Many Republican voters don’t think Trump committed a crime

By The Associated Press

Criminal trials are looming over Trump’s 2024 campaign, but according to AP VoteCast surveys in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Republican primary voters mostly don’t believe he did something illegal.

Between 26% and 38% of voters in the early contests think that Trump has done something illegal in at least one of the three major cases against him: The case involving the classified documents found at his Florida home, the Washington, D.C. case involving his role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, or the Georgia case involving Trump’s alleged attempt to interfere in the vote count in the 2020 presidential election.

The remaining voters think he either did something unethical but not illegal, or that he did nothing wrong.

AP-NORC Poll: Many Americans don’t feel the country or economy has improved under Biden | Live updates

By The Associated Press

As Biden makes the case that he deserves a second term as president, he’s facing a problem: Many people don’t think things have has improved since he’s been in the White House.

A new AP-NORC poll shows that few Americans see improvements in their own lives or the country as a whole over the past three years. More than half of U.S. adults say the national economy (57%) is somewhat or much worse off than before Biden took office in 2021, and a similar share (55%) say the country is somewhat or much worse off.

Americans are slightly less pessimistic about their own situations, but 41% say that they and their families are somewhat or much worse off than before Biden became president.

California Senate race: Democrats aim to block Republican from contest to fill Feinstein’s seat


AP VoteCast: Many early GOP primary and caucus voters believe Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election

By The Associated Press

Trump continues to falsely claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him because of overwhelming voter fraud. It’s a lie that has caught on with his supporters.

AP VoteCast surveys of early primary and caucus voters found that about one-third of voters in the Republican contests in South Carolina and Iowa correctly said that Joe Biden was legitimately elected during the 2020 presidential election. About 6 in 10 said, incorrectly, that he was not legitimately elected.

In New Hampshire, where the electorate is less conservative, about half of voters who participated in the GOP primary agreed with the untrue statement that Biden was not legitimately elected.

Key races to watch: Two California Senate primaries

The highest profile state race in California is the one to succeed the late Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

There’s a crowded field of candidates that include Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee, Katie Porter and Adam Schiff and Republican Steve Garvey, a former baseball star.

But, confusingly, there are two primary elections on the ballot to replace Feinstein. One is to fill the remaining months of her current term and the other is for a full six-year term starting in January 2025.

Keep in mind that California has a “top-two” primary system in which all candidates appear on the same ballot regardless of party, and the top two finishers advance to the general election.

? Read more about what to expect in the California primary races.

WATCH: How many delegates will it take for candidates to get the nomination?

By The Associated Press

With the Super Tuesday elections on March 5, a slew of delegates is up for grabs for the candidates competing for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations. (March 1)

AP VoteCast: MAGA supporters are still making their mark

By The Associated Press

Trump’s “Make America Great Again Movement” is still a major force in the Republican Party.

According to AP VoteCast surveys of voters in the early Republican contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, 6 in 10voters in both the South Carolina Republican primary and GOP Iowa caucuses consider themselves supporters of MAGA. Half of those in New Hampshire also identified with the movement.

There is significant — but not total — overlap between Trump voters and MAGA supporters: In South Carolina, 82% of voters who said they cast a ballot for Trump also identify with the MAGA movement, compared to 21% of those who said they voted for Haley.

Trump and Biden are likely to sweep Super Tuesday, but they’re still not the ‘presumptive nominees’

Spoiler alert! Don’t read on if you want to be surprised by who will likely win today’s primaries.

Biden is the incumbent and faces only token opposition in the Democratic race. On the Republican side, Donald Trump has won nearly every primary so far, and is expected to win big on Tuesday, too.

Of course, there’s always the possibility for an upset. Nikki Haley is still in the race to be the Republican presidential nominee, but she’s facing tough contests in states where she’s struggled to win support. Biden is far and away leading over Democratic challengers.

But even though we think we know what will happen, neither Trump nor Biden will be able to claim the “presumptive nominee” title yet. The earliest that could happen is March 12 for Trump and March 19 for Biden.

While Joe Biden and Donald Trump have won every contest so far by large margins and are the overwhelming favorites to once again win their parties’ nominations, they’re not the “presumptive nominees” just yet. AP’s Meg Kinnard explains more.

WATCH: How Super Tuesday came to be

By The Associated Press

Voters across several states in the U.S. are preparing to cast their ballots on Super Tuesday, which takes place on Tuesday, March 5th. (Feb. 28)

Why is this Super Tuesday different?

Normally, it’s a big day that can make-or-break a candidate.

For example, in 2020, Joe Biden was basically counted out of the race after dismal showings in early primaries. But it was this swift and stunning comeback on Super Tuesday that really gave everyone a jolt. He ran the board, winning 10 of the 14 states. Other candidates dropped out out of the race after his wins. And you know what happened after that.

But that was then. This year there’s not much of a chance for something weird and wild. For the Democrats, Biden is the incumbent and faces only token opposition.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has won all but one Republican primary so far, and is expected to win big on Tuesday, too.

Trump talks about his wins so far

On the eve of Super Tuesday, the Republican frontrunner sat for a lengthy interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network, a Trump-supporting online broadcaster. Trump touted all his wins thus far in the GOP primary contest and said of his popularity in the party that there is something “really fantastic happening out there.”

“We’re happy to be a part of it,” Trump said. “The country wants help. They’re screaming for help.”

Trump largely repeated many of the points he makes at his campaign rallies, including false claims that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.”

WATCH: Will Super Tuesday be Nikki Haley’s last stand?

By The Associated Press

Fresh off her first GOP primary win in Washington, DC, Nikki Haley heads into Super Tuesday hoping for new momentum. But with Donald Trump favored to win all upcoming contests, many are wondering whether Tuesday will be Haley’s last stand. (March 4)

What North Dakota voters are saying about GOP candidates


AP RACE CALL: Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential caucuses in North Dakota

AP VoteCast: Haley’s base of support is limited

By The Associated Press

Nikki Haley has promised to stay in the GOP primary through Super Tuesday, but her performance in her home state of South Carolina illuminates why she’s struggling to win any state — much less the Republican nomination.

According to the AP VoteCast survey of GOP primary voters in South Carolina, Haley did well among people who have higher levels of education and moderates — neither of which is a very large or powerful group within the GOP electorate.

Even more limiting — about 2 in 10 of Haley’s supporters in South Carolina said they’re Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, and more than 4 in 10 voted for Biden in 2020.

Those are not typical GOP voters.

WATCH: More than 6 in 10 U.S. adults doubt Biden’s mental capability, poll shows

By The Associated Press

63% of U.S. adults say they lack confidence in Biden’s mental capability to serve effectively as president, according to a new survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

AP-NORC Poll: 63% of Americans are not very or not at all confident in Biden’s mental capability; 57% say the same about Trump

By The Associated Press

Biden might not have any serious competition in the Democratic primary, but the 81-year-old president is still contending with widespread skepticism about his mental competence — even within his own base.

According to a new AP-NORC poll, only 40% of Democrats say they are extremely or very confident in Biden’s mental capability to serve as president. About 3 in 10 are somewhat confident and approximately one-third (32%) are not very confident or not at all confident.

Fortunately for Biden, Americans have similar concerns about his likely opponent. About 6 in 10 Americans (63%) say they are not very or not at all confident in Biden’s mental capability, and a similar share (57%) say the same about Trump.

But while they don’t have an especially high view of either man’s acuity, independents are much likelier to say they lack confidence in Biden (80%) compared to Trump (56%). And Republicans are less worried about their own likely nominee: 59% of Republicans are extremely or very confident in Trump’s mental capability to serve as president.

AP VoteCast: Immigration is a top issue for GOP primary and caucus voters

By The Associated Press

Immigration is quickly becoming a central issue in the 2024 election, even overshadowing other perennially important topics.

In the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina Republican primaries and caucuses, AP VoteCast surveys found that immigration emerged as the top issue for voters, beating out the economy and foreign policy concerns.

Trump’s hardline policies and rhetoric on immigration are popular among early contest voters. Between 79% and 88% of voters in the Republican contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina say they support building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Around 7 in 10 early state voters also said that immigrants in the U.S. today are doing more to hurt than help the country.

North Dakota governor stumps for Trump


Republican caucusgoers in Bismarck, North Dakota, lined up at a local college to cast their ballots before heading into a spacious event room for hors d’oeuvres.

State Gov. Doug Burgum spoke virtually on Trump’s behalf, saying that North Dakota will “send a message that is going to be a kickoff to tomorrow.”

“This race is going to be the end of the trail, and we’re going to say that we have a nominee, and let’s go after and beat Joe Biden,” Burgum said.

WATCH: This is how GOP voters feel about Trump and Haley

By The Associated Press

Donald Trump appears close to invincible in the Republican primaries and caucuses, but despite his commanding victories, the front-runner’s strength among general election voters remains unclear. AP’s Josh Boak explains more.

Haley says she no longer feels bound by the GOP pledge to support the eventual nominee

By The Associated Press

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said Sunday she no longer feels bound by a pledge that required all GOP contenders to support the party’s eventual nominee in order to participate in the primary debates.

The Republican National Committee had made the pledge a prerequisite for all candidates, and nearly every major contender signed, except for Donald Trump, the current front-runner, who skipped the debates.

When Haley, Trump’s lone remaining major challenger for the nomination, was asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether she was compelled to honor that commitment, she said, “No. I think I’ll make what decision I want to make.”

? Read more about Haley’s comments on the RNC pledge.

New AP-NORC Poll: Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided on Ukraine aid

By The Associated Press

After months of fighting over foreign aid in Congress, Democrats are less likely than they were last fall to want to pull back military support for Ukraine.

About 4 in 10 Democrats (44%) say the U.S. is spending “too little” on aid to Ukraine in the war against Russia, up from 17% in November, according to a new AP-NORC poll. The share of Democrats who say the U.S. is spending “too much” (17% now, from 32% in November) or “about the right amount” (38% now, from48% in November) has dropped over the same period.

Republicans and Independents still tend to want to send less aid: 55% of Republicans and 45% of Independents think the U.S. is spending “too much” on assistance to Ukraine.

Local election officials face a long list of security challenges


On Super Tuesday, the federal government’s cybersecurity agency is going to provide some back up to state and local election officials who are facing a long list of security challenges including the threat of cyberattacks waged by hostile foreign governments.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — known as CISA — is standing up an election operations center to bring together federal, state and local election officials and the private sector. The idea is to share real-time threat information.

After the 2016 election, the nation’s voting systems were designated as critical infrastructure on par with the nation’s banks, nuclear power plants and dams. That means state election officials can now receive security clearances and federal resources such as cybersecurity and security reviews.

Trump is doubling down on incendiary rhetoric that fires up his base – but alienates other voters

Candidates who are about to win their party nominations generally massage their messaging and try to emphasize points that appeal to a broader audience. Not Donald Trump.

The former president has doubled down on the incendiary rhetoric that fires up his base but alienates wide swaths of voters. On Saturday, he suggested President Joe Biden was trying to “overthrow” the United States with his border policies.

He’s compared himself in recent weeks to Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who died in an Arctic prison, and suggested Black people like him better because he faces prosecution in four separate cases.

His aides say they’re modifying their strategy and tactics for the general election and a likely Biden rematch but won’t try to change what Trump says.“Donald Trump is Donald Trump. That’s not going to change,” senior campaign adviser Chris LaCivita said. “Our job is not to remake Donald Trump.”

? Read more

There’s one contest to go before Super Tuesday


Haley wants Trump on the ballot


Nikki Haley made two points in suburban Houston on Monday that show how her campaign speech — and her place in the national political conversation — have changed.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision Monday that allows Trump to remain on the ballot, she added to her well-rehearsed campaign speech, “I’ll defeat Donald Trump fair and square. But I want him on the ballot.”

Haley’s more wholesale blaming of Trump for recent Republican losses shows how far she’s ventured in the past two months. Her sharpest criticism of the former president used to be that “chaos follows him everywhere.”

But from a small-business warehouse in Spring, Texas, she rattled off Republican setbacks in swing states, the Republican National Committee and Congress that have taken place since Trump seized the party’s national mantle.

“Maybe Donald Trump is the problem,” she told her Texas audience.

It’s a long, long way from the former Trump appointee who said she wouldn’t run against him.

North Carolina voters are casting their ballots under new election rules


The head of North Carolina’s elections wants to remind voters about some law changes ahead of the Tuesday primary.

Karen Brinson Bell says absentee ballots must be in the hands of county election workers by the close of polls Tuesday night or they won’t count. In the past, ballots postmarked by the election date would count if received within three days.

Bell has warned voters against putting ballots in the mail on Monday because they likely won’t likely arrive in time. Instead, they should return ballots in person to the county board offices or vote in person at one of the nearly 2,600 election-day sites statewide.

For many voters, this is also the first election where they will be required to show photo identification. That’s from a 2018 law that had been delayed by litigation. But voters who don’t have a qualifying ID can fill out an exception form.

Takeaways from Trump’s Supreme Court win: His legal peril is just starting


Former President Donald Trump gained a clear win at the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, which unanimously ruled that states don’t have the ability to bar him — or any other federal candidates — from the ballot under a rarely-used constitutional provision that prohibits those who “engaged in insurrection” from holding office.

The decision shuts down a push in dozens of states to end Trump’s candidacy through a clause in the 14th Amendment, written to prevent former Confederates from serving in government after the Civil War.

But it may open the door to further electoral uncertainty, exposing more state officials to disqualification under the provision and setting up a constitutional showdown should Trump win the election.

Facing four separate criminal trials, Trump’s legal peril may just be beginning. So is the Supreme Court’s role in that process.

? Read the AP’s takeaways on today’s Supreme Court decision.

WATCH: Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot

By The Associated Press

The Supreme Court has restored Donald Trump to 2024 presidential primary ballots, rejecting attempts in Colorado, Illinois, and Maine to hold the former Republican president accountable for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. (March 4)

What even is Super Tuesday?

It’s traditionally the biggest day nationwide for primary elections and caucuses before the actual Election Day in November.

Until now, only one or two states hold primaries on the same day. But this Tuesday, voters in 16 different states and one territory (Get it? “super” Tuesday) will be choosing who they want to run for president. Some states are also choosing who should run for governor or senator for their state, and some district attorneys, too.