Anonymous, a decentralized international hacktivist group known for cyberattacks against governments, claims to have infiltrated computers controlling Israel’s nuclear infrastructure in the southern town of Dimona and stealing documents, purportedly as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people amid the war in Gaza.

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“First step of our operations was successful,” they wrote. “As we promised before This operations was high risk but as we are not as like as the bloodthirsty Netanyahu and his terrorist army we carried out the operation in such a way that no civilians were harmed. We have targeted some servers of the baby killer regime’s nuclear organisations. In this operation, while wiping and destroying the data, we saved a part of it which includes 7GB data that we will disclose to the people of the world.”

According to the hackers, they have 4,290 PDF documents, about 5,000 emails, 1,359 Word documents, 352 Excel spreadsheets, 236 PowerPoint presentations and more.

“You do not have much time to finish the war otherwise our anger will fire you all. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us,” the X post concludes.

Despite the hacker group’s boisterous rhetoric, an initial review of the documents posted suggests they contain old data not sourced from official government computers. Israeli cyber experts advise caution, suggesting the hack may aim more at psychological warfare to embarrass Israel and inflict moral, rather than nuclear, damage.

Israel National Cyber Directorate Director-General Gaby Portnoy has pointed out that since October 7, Israel has been dealing with 15 hostile cyber groups emanating mostly from Iran and Hezbollah.

“Past experience teaches us there’s a direct link between Hamas, Hezbollah and their Iranian benefactors also when it comes to cyber warfare. On top of that, various global hacktivists have joined them,” he said.