Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum got a stunning response when she asked Trump lawyer Alina Habba if former President Donald Trump has sought money from foreign countries to pay the bombshell judgment against him.

There has been a lot of wild speculation about how Trump will pay the bond to appeal payment of the fraud judgment that could cost him in excess of $460 million if appeals are unsuccessful.

Some of that speculation involves the potential of a national security threat of a foreign adversary leveraging the vulnerability, as The View host Joy Behar recently floated Wednesday.

“Nobody wants to lend him the money, in this country anyway. Who knows what’s going to happen with Russia and Saudi Arabia?” Behar said.

On Wednesday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCallum, MacCallum confronted Habba with the accusation, asking “Is there any effort on the part of your team to secure this money through another country, Saudi Arabia or Russia” — and the response was something other than “Nope!”:

MACCALLUM: Yes. Is there any effort on the part of your team to secure this money through another country, Saudi Arabia or Russia as Joy Behar seems to think?

HABBA: Well, there’s rules and regulations that are public. I can’t speak about strategy, that requires certain things and we have to follow those rules. Like I said, this is manifest injustice. It is impossible — it is an impossibility. I believe they knew that.

I think that’s why mid-trial, frankly, they changed their ask from $250 million to the ridiculous amount of money that they have asked for.

I think everything is done intentionally. I do not doubt that the witch-hunt that the election interference goal is what was ringing steady and loudly and true throughout all these trials, frankly. And we’re seeing it. It’s the demise of our country, not the demise of Trump.

So we’ll handle it as we always have and keep working hard.

MACALLUM: OK. Keep us posted on the effort. We look forward to speaking with you again. Thank you very much, Alina, Alina Habba for joining us today.

HABBA: Thank you.

Watch above via Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCallum.

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