I was surprised by this book. Some other books are disappointing, but this one gives a little history of the foods, and easy steps to making them. And, unlike many books, I like the fact that this book did not scrimp,and put in color photographs, which helps out a lot when looking at the edible plants, for instance. Many other books have just handwritten pictures, or low quality black and white ones, and it’s hard to remember the colors that so many plants are.

Going to try the sauerkraut recipe soon. My Vietnamese wife looked at the recipe, and said it was very much like the way that they pickle their vegetables. Some of the other items in the book are a nice touch, like the diy $25.00 survival bucket, how to make your own 2400 calorie ration bars, and how to make your own MREs at home, are very helpful.

So all and all, this book has lots of good info, and in the times we are living in now, this information is more important than ever. I highly recommend it!