A gang of monkeys have taken action after posters appeared protesting their presence in a tourist hotspot.

Lopburi, Thailand, is known for its rich history, but it has another draw for visitors. In this city monkeys freely roam the streets, rubbing shoulders with the town’s human inhabitants.

This is no peaceful co-existence, however. With primate attacks increasingly common, tension between man and monkey is at an all-time high and some want to see the primates gone for good.

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More than 30 signs were bitten, torn and destroyed

One group even put up signs protesting against the monkeys living there on April 21. But an apparent counter-protest was launched at about 6pm the next day, when the primate population would typically turn in for the night.

However on this evening an army of animals took to the streets and bit, tore down and destroyed more than 30 of the posters.

Local outlet Thairath reported fed-up locals put signs up to show their dissatisfaction with the Thai Department of National Parks and monkey tourism. The banners called on officials to catch the monkeys and release them back into the wild.

Brazen monkeys tear down anti-monkey protest signs a day after they are put up
Tension between people and primates is at an all-time high in Lopburi

Other posters questioned whether Lopburi drew in tourists to experience the city’s history or just to look at the wayward apes. Lopburi relies on monkey tourism as a significant source of income and even hosts an annual Monkey Buffet Festival on the last Sunday of November.

This sees a banquet of fruit laid out among the ruins of the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple to show appreciation for the town’s apes.

Brazen monkeys tear down anti-monkey protest signs a day after they are put up
The signs said the monkeys should be caught and relocated

However, over the last few years, the monkeys have grown rambunctious. Two years ago a primate turf war brought Lopburi to a standstill as monkeys descended on the city centre in search of food.

The hungry primates had gone without nearly as much food as they were used to as Covid restrictions stopped tourists from visiting, and therefore feeding the apes. A joint task force made up of local government officials and the Army are now working to catch the monkeys and move them into a facility.

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