In anticipation of a worst-case scenario that is well depicted in the Bible’s book of Revelation, I fortunately relocated in 2005. I live on the edge of the wilderness in a mountainous and heavily forested part of western Montana. Simply being located in this remote region of the country, and given its terrain, greatly increases my  odds of surviving The End Times, if that is possible at all.

When Will the Country Explode with Violence?

The debate over a slow decline versus a fast decline is now academic. We are indeed seeing a ‘quickening’, a higher frequency of attacks on society’s remaining foundations. Yet the people are so apathetic that they will stew in their own juices, and starve to death rather than fight to save the country before it is too late to save it. What will it take to snap them out of their stupor?

In my estimation, a financial collapse will trigger a societal collapse and that is what it will take to get the people mad enough and mean enough to be dangerous. We are now experiencing stagflation and with the bull market in precious metals, we seeing the results of hyperinflation and a currency in the process of collapsing and at an accelerated pace. Together, these are solid indicators that a financial crisis is in progress and that a subsequent societal collapse is brewing. Total collapse might be prevented by the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), such as the one that Australia recently test adopted.

Let’s watch Australia closely. However, I would not accept the promise that a CBDC will stabilize the western financial system. A cashless society might work in smaller countries such as Sweden or Australia. However, the United States is an entirely different animal. Having lived abroad for years and long enough to become well immersed in a foreign culture, I can appreciate the differences. So I do not directly compare the U.S. to other  First World coutries, and smaller countries.

Only after a total societal collapse will the American people become dangerous. They will be dangerous mostly to themselves and their neighbors, since they will quickly become desperate for food and water, and a daily battle for resources. This will be a battle between ‘the haves and the have nots‘  and it will rage until the results of war, disease, and starvation kill 50 to 90 percent of the population. This prediction is an oversimplification and is not the complete story. However, this scenario is entirely plausible as the preconditions for famine are well established, especially in the major urban population centers.

A financial collapse can occur on the command of the Powers That Be, or as a result of market forces. Regardless, it will be used as a weapon of war to set in motion the mayhem that they need to conquer us. It is all war-gamed out and baked into the cake. There is no way to prevent a financial collapse, yet they can slow it down, speed up, or trigger it as a tool of mass destruction. It might be intended to be a controlled demolition. But I can foresee that it would likely devolve into a worst-case scenario.

Some well-known fanatical occultists whom I consider to be Satanists seek to depopulate the planet. And in their view, the U.S. must be destroyed entirely. What easier way to accomplish their goals without resorting to nuclear war? And yes, nuclear war is still an option. With multiple avenues or strategies of operation, they would create the maximum confusion and maximize their opportunities to ensure that their goals are attained. And if wargamed by AI, how can they be defeated? In actuality, they do not need AI, total nuclear war, or any other massive outside force to destroy this country. All they need to do is crash the financial system and shut down the nation’s power grids, and America will destroy itself.

So, how should we defend ourselves during an event of Biblical proportions?

Utilizing Military Tactical Planning

Chew on the meat and spit out the bones. Adapt these principles discussed in this article and adapt and simplfy them for civilians. For example, I would not use the military SALUTE Report, but simply ask the classic news reporter’s “W”  questions:  Who, What, When, and Where. If developing plans to defend yourself, I would read Chapter 11 and 31 of The Civil Defense Manual by Jack Lawson. Given the invaluable knowledge therein that is based on real-world experience, the purchase price is low. God’s people will perish for a lack of knowledge. Therefore, get the knowledge you need and do so ASAP.

As civilians, we need a plan that is simple enough that we can use successfully with a minimum of training. Bottom-line, there is safety in numbers (overwhelming firepower and eyes and ears everywhere, 24/7). We can also attain fire superiority by utilizing long range/high powered rifles at distances where we are most likely to make hits, 200 to 300 yards. The further out we can engage the better. But never forget that hits count, misses do not. You’ll need at least one good marksman if not a team of marksman. Most can make reliable hits at 300 yards with the average iron sight rifle, and even more with a scoped rifle, so that is a good starting point. And we need to know the basics, such as how to set up ‘Interlocking fields of fire’ (a crossfire) and ambushes using these techniques. We need to understand that we must clear our fields of fire of all possible cover and concealment, and to deny the micro terrain and dead zones where our rifles’ fire cannot penetrate or where the enemy cannot be seen.

To civilians like myself, some of these terms are unfamiliar and strange, yet we can adapt and apply them in simplified ways that we can use successfully. If no other benefit can be had, the act of reading these kinds of articles will slowly prepare your mind for the battlefield that we will face in the not-too-distant future. See this two-part 2018 article in the SurvivalBlog archives:

About Drones

In a video, Erik Prince warns why inexpensive commercial drones will be an increasingly significant threat on future battlefields. I recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel.

The Chicoms have developed high tech drones that have yet to be seen on any battlefield. I expect the worst from these drones as these can be dumped by the thousands from aircraft and could be an airborne robot army controlled by AI. Or a drone can be as large as a manned aircraft and certainly just as capable. Because drone technology will become increasingly prolific and ubiquitous, I expect to be faced with drones and other autonomous vehicles (ground and maritime) from either a foreign military or from well-equipped roving gangs comprised of South American cartel members to local warlords using commercial drones as a mode of attack, or as an intelligence tool, and likely both. Therefore, I will not only conceal myself under the thick forests, I will also strive to eliminate my RF signature mostly with the use of military field telephones (like the AN/TA-312 pictured above), but by also limiting my radio frequency (RF) footprint from photovoltaic systems, namely, charge controllers, as well as other electronic devices. These potential opponents would use all the available high tech from thermal night vision to radio direction finding (DF) technologies.   Take heed that these technologies are becoming less expensive each day and more likely to be deployed in specialized drones that are used to coordinate an attack.

In a recent SurvivalBlog article, I explained how I would mitigate this threat with the use of field phones, remotely operated transmitters, and early detection of drones.  See: Low Tech Unconventional Radio Techniques.

Radio Frequency Jamming

Field phones not only help mitigate the threat of drones but would also defeat a SIGINT effort that is typically performed prior to an attack. They will study your operation, and habits (patterns of life), then jam the radio frequency that you are using just before they attack. To be ready, just think about how you would attack yourself. Government repeater towers can be used to listen, and drones can be used to locate the source of low-powered voice radio traffic to within 10 square meters. This is generally called Low Level Voice Intercept (LLVI).

Jamming equipment can also be used to jam a single radio frequency or a few frequencies. This is why it would be necessary to operate on different parts of the radio spectrum and use strict Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) to create a high level of Communication Security (COMSEC). If you do not possess a high degree of knowledge and skill to mitigate using directional antennas, terrain masking, repeaters, digital transmission modes, and other methods, then military field telephones are the single and best answer.

Minimal use of very low-powered transceivers can be used for a patrol, or for special occasions as we would have greatly reduced our RF footprint, overall. At the very least have a backup channel on a different radio service since we will be jammed if we are using transceivers. If using a primary frequency on the VHF part of the spectrum, have an alternative frequency on UHF, or as just as effective, on Low VHF that are where the CB frequencies are. If UHF does not satisfy your operational requirements, or if your handhelds are not capable of UHF, then use two other bands.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)