Nick Fuentes entered a TPUSA event on Friday but was quickly escorted out by security while shouting that Israel was in control of the conference.

Fuentes, who is known for denying the Holocaust, has been a longtime critic of the young conservative organization due to its pro-Israel stance. On Friday, he crashed the Turning Point’s People Convention in Detroit, Michigan, with an entourage of supporters and cameras.

Footage posted on social media shows security informing Fuentes that he is not allowed to attend the event while his supporters chant anti-Israel slogans. Fuentes and his supporters continue to pester the event security by asking the reasoning behind him being prohibited inside and one security guard eventually answers, “He knows why.”

The White nationalist responds, “Israel controls this event!” before heading toward the exit as his supporters chant, “America first!”

After he exited the conference, his supporters continue to throw anti-Semitic insults at one of the security guards by claiming he is a “cuck for Israel” and “sucks Israel’s c*ck.” Moreover, the security guard in question then informs Fuentes that he has been officially trespassed from the property.

“Honestly, I was surprised. I thought because they have Candace Owens there, that maybe they’re opening things up a little bit,” Fuentes told the crowd after being removed. “I thought maybe finally America First has entered the mainstream, but it just goes to show it is the same old conservatism that we’ve always gotten, which is Israel first, America last.”

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