Please, for the love, revert to the old version. You had a simple, clean UX that was a breeze to use. It was easy to get the news and fast. That, along with the moderate to conservative cultivation of news articles, is the unique value proposition of drudge. With the latest version you have destroyed a significant part of the value users come to drudge for – an easy, fast UX . This could be a classic case study in softdev industry – product mgr and/or developers thinking they have to change it up, add “fancy” new features, implementing new functionality because “it’s technologically possible, etc, and in the process ruining the product. I won’t belabor the specific issues. Others have listed those already. There are also several really annoying defects in the app that I have encountered in just two days of mild usage. Did you simply not test these changes at all? It’s one thing to ruin the app with functionality users did not need or request. It’s even worse to fill the app with bugs in the process. FWIW, I’ve been in softdev, IT Mgmt, and now consulting for 15 years. #NotANovice