I have written in the past about the Dr. Ellis’ study on Resilient Citizens and the kinds of data that FEMA is collecting on people in the United States. I have done a lot of research over the years on the capabilities of FEMA and what they really can do in an emergency.

My sources on the ground in disaster areas tell me that FEMA is often an underwhelming presence. This could be because they are working with larger entities and not conducting the boots on the ground recovery work. In other words, they might not have as many foot soldiers in certain areas.

A decade ago, fears about FEMA camps were making the headlines. We were certain people would be rounded up and taken away. Now, there is something else we must concern ourselves with when it comes to FEMA and your freedoms.

Title 32 Changed During Covid

FEMA has not the teeth nor the manpower to conduct something like Martial Law. On their own FEMA wouldn’t really have the capability to limit your rights at all in a disaster or emergency. I must imagine that the average FEMA emergency management employee is going to leave you alone if you give them a resounding NO on any of their requests.

However, in 2020 something changed dramatically. You see, one of the things that happens every time we suffer a national tragedy or disaster is American citizens lose rights. They are crushed under the weight of an ever-growing government.

FEMA Is Here The Only Rights You Still HaveTitle 32 changed during COVID-19 and allowed the National Guard, which is activated by a state’s governor and funded by the state, to be funded by the federal government. So, through the recommendation of FEMA the National Guard can be activated, if the states governor agrees, and the limitations of the states budget no longer affect the mission.

Since the US government simply prints money out of thin air, that means that it can fund National Guard resources indefinitely. That is exactly the reason for the Title 32 change. If needed FEMA can recommend an area be locked down and put under indefinite martial law using the National Guard.

At that point your rights as a citizen begin to dissolve very rapidly. When urban centers descend into chaos during martial law, seeking refuge in the wilderness could be the only option. But surviving in the wild isn’t just about basic skills—it’s about knowing how to live off the land long-term.

That’s why I rely on this guide. This isn’t your typical survival manual; it’s a practical tool that teaches you the  forgotten wisdom of our ancestors who didn’t just survive in the wild – they thrived there. So, when you need to head for the hills, make sure this handbook is in your backpack; it could be your lifeline in uncertain times.

How Could Something Like That Happen?

Over 40 different campuses in the US are experiencing protests due to the Hamas – Israel War. This is merely one category of protest in the US now. The closer we get to the election season the more civil unrest we will see.

FEMA Is Here The Only Rights You Still HaveIf concerned citizens and professional agitators were all we had to deal with that would be one thing.

Now, add to that the undeniable fact that there are terrorists and foreign operatives traveling into this nation through the southern border. They disperse and we know nothing of them beyond that.

Border patrol gets lucky and catches a few but how many get through? How many are waiting for the chaos of election time to do some real damage? The answer to that is NO ONE KNOWS.

A combination of riots over election results and nefarious attacks on infrastructure could easily result in FEMA rolling into the biggest cities in our nation and advising governors to bring in the help of the National Guard.

At that point we have all the pieces in play for serious oppression and the dissolving of your rights.

We Keep Growing Government to Solve Problems

All of this comes from our radical dependence on government for every discomfort that exists in life. We have long traded freedom for security and the government has printed its way into our hearts, killing our currency and providing just enough in one-time payments, free prescription drugs, and stimulus to shut us up.

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FEMA Is Here The Only Rights You Still HavePrepared citizens groups, civil defense, nonprofit disaster relief organizations are all options for dealing with disasters and emergencies at the citizens’ level. It is true that large scale recovery will require governmental help, but it is not fair to put the bulk of disaster recovery on the government and then get angry when they take action we do not approve of.

We must invest in our preparedness in the same way we invest in any other important part of our life. A massive storm left one million people without power in Dallas and north of the city. That is staggering!

There are two sides to the coin. As citizens we simply cannot rebound from all types of disasters or weather. For example, the kinds of decimation that things like wildfires can lay upon us. Still, how much of our time and money do we invest in preps and plans so that when an emergency occurs or a storm approaches, we have more options than just ride it out?

The First States That Will Go Down During Martial Law. Do You Live in the Red Zone?

We can do more and in turn the government will be in a position where they can do less. I am certain there are people within FEMA who love the idea of executing a massive power grab over the citizenry in the face of a disaster. Certain types of people get off on that kind of stuff. However, the majority of FEMA is made up of citizens who want to help and want to do a good job.

We are living through a radically divisive and nerve-wracking time in the United States. Trust in our institutions is at an all-time low, and I don’t see how that is going to change in the near future.

The best way to weather the storm we are living through is to create a base level of preparedness. You must be able to stand on your own two feet in the face of calamity. You must be able to take advantage of your God given rights and not have the world wash out from under you. In this modern iteration of America that requires you be prepared.

Your preparedness is the solid base underfoot, that holds you, when you find yourself in a situation where your city or town has been given over to chaos and FEMA is footing the bill perpetually for men with guns to stand on your street corners.

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