“It started in our section with them having a hot dog eating contest,” said Robert Kristovich.

Thursday, April 13, 2023 12:22AM

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — If you didn’t know about the Philadelphia Phillies “Dollar Dog Night” at Citizens Bank Park, chances are you do now.

The fan-favorite game day took a viral turn Tuesday night in Section 112.

“It started in our section with them having a hot dog eating contest,” said Robert Kristovich.

“This kid was eating a bunch of hot dogs, he had 13 and people were trying to get him, people were like, ‘eat another one, eat another one.’ So they started throwing hot dogs to him. The guard came over and started yelling, and then it just went nuts.”

Kristovich captured video of the hot dogs flying across the ballpark.

A different angle shows the hot dogs being thrown close enough that they almost get onto the field.

He says at some point during the game the “flying franks” turned into a big food fight, with the meal being tossed across rows from one section to the next.

He says some fans eventually got thrown out of the game.

“They were throwing people out like crazy because it progressed, as things do, to water bottles, so the water bottles started coming from the upper deck. I was there with my boys and we got out,” he said.

He says he’s been to “Dollar Dog Nights” before and has never seen anything quite like this.

But he adds, there was nothing malicious.

There are two more Dollar Dog Nights, one on April 25 and another on May 9.

The Phillies release this statement to Action News:

“There were several people who were ejected from our game last night as a result of their unruly behavior, a behavior which the Phillies do not condone. In addition, our staff took the appropriate action to assist any fans who voiced complaints. Unfortunately, the small minority of people involved in this situation put our regular fan base in a negative light.”

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