NETFLIX has been slammed for the massive glitch during the streamer’s “failed” first attempt to livestream a fan-favorite reality TV series explosive reunion.

According to DownDetector, millions of viewers were experiencing technical difficulties when attempting to watch the Love is Blind reunion on Sunday night.

Netflix took to Twitter to announce: “Don’t miss the LIVE reunion, airing TONIGHT on @netflix at 5pm PT/8pm ET!”

They continued: “The Season 4 Finale is now streaming.”

But after users encountered difficulties watching the live Love is Blind Reunion, the streamer followed up the premature announcement by tweeting: “Love is … late #LoveIsBlindLIVE will be on in 15 minutes!”

The statement was shortly followed by a promise, with the company saying the show “will be worth the wait” with a photo of cast member Irina.

People expressed their frustration regarding the incident on social media.

“Of course Netflix is not working after they’ve hyped this live reunion for weeks.,” one person wrote.

Others questioned whether the company should offer live-streaming services at all.

“Perhaps your platform isn’t set up for live streaming… so maybe don’t offer it?” they questioned.

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One Netflix user angrily tweeted: “Netflix been harassing me all week to watch this live reunion and they can’t even get it up and running?”

“We deserve to all share the same password after this,” wrote another frustrated customer.

A third commenter stated: “Succession is on at 9 we don’t have time for this.”

The movie rental chain Blockbuster got in on the shade-throwing as well, tweeting: “Remember renting vhs’ from us. You could start it on time no problem… This is what we get.”

Redbox, another formally popular movie and television rental service, responded: “solidarity, bro.”

After a nearly 90-minute delay, and after Netflix had to kick many users out of their accounts in order to make the livestream work, the season four reunion special finally commenced.

Vanessa immediately apologized to frustrated viewers at the top of the episode, stating: “I want to say we are sorry we’re late.”

Netflix also issued an apology on its Twitter account.

The streamer wrote: “To everyone who stayed up late, woke up early, gave up their Sunday afternoon… we are incredibly sorry that the Love is Blind Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned.

“We’re filming it now and we’ll have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Again, thank you and sorry.”

The reality program, which premiered on the streaming service in 2020, has had four successful seasons in the US and an upcoming season will be set in the United Kingdom.

The show, named Love Is Blind: UK, is already in production and will be produced by CPL Productions.

It will be hosted by new presenters and applications to take part will be accepted later this month.

But fans have a long wait as it is likely that Love Is Blind: UK will hit screens sometime in 2024.

The show’s official UK Twitter account announced the news earlier today.

“Big news: Love is Blind is coming to the UK!,” they wrote.

In a press release, Netflix said: “Netflix is in production on an adaptation of hit series Love Is Blind, where singletons in the UK who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, will sign up for a less conventional approach to modern dating.”


The hit Netflix dating show Love Is Blind has captivated audiences with drama, heartbreak, and true love.

One of the most loved-up pairs in the 2021 show from season 3 were Alexa and Brennon- who have built a life together as husband and wife.

Alexa told Netflix’s Tudum: “It’s been absolutely amazing. I recommend marriage to everybody.”

They married in 2021 during Episode 10 of the show.

The duo’s minds are turning towards the future and they are planning a family together, with Alexa joking: “We’re working on it. Practice makes perfect.”