I have 3 other Drudge apps, one which I paid for and the others free, and I find myself always coming back to this one. It looks like the web page and updates often.

I’ve only had it crash once but then again I update often, so, much like every piece of software on the planet, it won’t always work correctly if you don’t keep it updated. Yeah I know it’s annoying but such is life in the information age.

The paid version with the fancy colors falls behind on updating. Even now it’s showing the same headline from a couple of hours ago and looks totally different from what is on the Drudge website at the moment. I suppose it would be handy if you want to look at old news you missed lol. Even after updating it still has not refreshed. Maybe if they fixed it, it would be worth the $.99 if you want to see a red bar at the top of the screen.